Review: Faith and Moonlight Part 2

by Mark Gelineau and Joe King

Faith and Moonlight Part 2





Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
Publish Date: 15th May 2016

 Title: Faith and Moonlight Part 2
Author: Mark Gelineau and Joe King
Publisher: Gelineau and King
Book: #8 of An Echo of the Ascended, #2 of Faith and Moonlight
Genre: YA Fantasy
Found: Netgalley/ Series Continued
Rating: 4 Voodoos

Roan wants to escape a brutal past. Kay, a dark future.

They are Razors now, with the power to break the very laws of the universe. The power to become everything they ever wanted.

Or exactly what they fear.


Wow this series is starting to give me shivers! Faith and Moonlight is the YA series in Gelineau and King’s Echo of the Ascended Series (a collection of four novella mini-series), but don’t be fooled into thinking that YA means it holds back! Oh no, Faith and Moonlight Part 2 sees some disturbing scenes and some dark and twisted moments that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Part 2 picks up further on in Roan and Kay’s training. They are Razor’s now, but they still need to compete with their classmates to climb the Ladder (the ranking system for their school) and become an Ascendant. Roan and Kay have drifted apart as they find themselves in different circles. Roan has proven himself to be a strong and powerful Razor whilst Kay has faded into the background.

I loved this part of the story-line because I think everyone has experienced something like this. A childhood friend that you thought would be there forever who slowly disappeared from your life, and even if you try to get that friendship back it’s never the same, because you’ve experienced things without them, you’ve changed and developed separately and it will never be exactly the same as it was. It hurts and I completely understand why Kay feels upset and abandoned by Roan but I also get how Roan may not have noticed. He has his own worries and he wants to do well and he thinks Kay is happy.

The competition sees Kay and Dreah’s rivalry and hatred of each other really step up a notch and finish with a terrible climax. To start with I couldn’t understand how Roan could be friends with someone who was so selfish and rude but as the story progressed I started to see the similarities between them. Roan saw something in Dreah that reminded him of his past and he wanted to save her in the same way Kay had saved him, all that time ago. I never would have thought I could feel compassion for a horrible character but I did in this book. (I’ve only ever felt that once before and that was for Snape in Harry Potter.)

This book is full compassion and also expectation. All the characters feel the pressure of expectation, expectation from the teachers, from each other, and from themselves. Kay isn’t the only one drowning under the pressure to perform. We also see Gideon struggling with it too.

It will be interesting to see where this goes next, whether Kay can overcome the darkness within her, whether Roan can find it inside himself to forgive, and most of all how Erik will react to the revelations! Seriously, what an ending, you really do know how to torture us with a cliffhanger ending don’t you, Gelineau and King?! Can’t wait to read the next one.

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