Stack it: Illumicrate Edition – Box 3

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Pay attention to Riversong, she knows the deal.
Here there be spoilers!

We both got our hands on an illumicrate this month. Why both of us? Well, why not? Ms4Tune found illumicrate and signed up, Paein got excited and signed up too – she’s been on the hunt for an exciting subscription box since she switched to organic products and gave up the beauty box life.

So what is Illumicrate? Illumicrate is a quarterly subscription box.
You receive a newly released book, usually YA (but genre could be anything), along with a range of other bookish delights, this could be absolutely anything but its usually from small independent producers (which is awesome because it means we’re supporting small establishments and getting some unique items in the process!)
It is sent out around the 15th of February, May, August and November.

This is only the 3rd Illumicrate box – you can see what was in previous boxes HERE

What was in this box? Well here’s a summery of the packing list:

1. When We Colided 
by: Emery Lord

2. ‘To Be Read’ list notepad
by: Goodnight Boutique

3. Ex Libris Stamp
by: Little Stamp Store

4. Book Club Mug
by: The Art of Escapism

5. Readers Gonna Read Pin
by: Literary Emporium

6. Bookworm clips
by: My Bookish Mark

7. Extras:
Strange the Dreamer extract booklet, The Square Root of Summer extract card and recipe,
Mystery and Mayhem postcard, The Ladybirds series badges.
(plus some When We Collided quote postcards and a signed sticker to stick in the front)



Unlike Ms4Tune I didn’t know very much about this box – I thought it made it more exciting not knowing, and it sort of did. There was a lot more in here than I thought there would be.
A whole book!
When we Colided is not a book that’s been on my radar to be honest, I’ve seen it around but I’ve never been tempted to investigate further. Well now it is mine and while I’m not sure it’s my type of book I’m certainly intending on giving it a chance.I was pretty excited to find the book, perhaps because it was a) a book and b) a book I didn’t own, having had previous book boxes arrive with books I’ve read/own.
I’m not so excited about the Laini Taylor sneak peek because, as you may know, I fell out with her over the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series so I’m reluctant to trust her again, but I know Ms4Tune loves her stuff and now I have an extract to test out. Though I may just wait until Ms4Tune’s read the whole thing and see what she says!
In this box we got a nice little notebook that saves us time each week with what to read and buy sections and an adorable little fox stamp that I’ll be hiding from my mother. I think perhaps these were my favourite items. She’s already got the bookworm bookmark and she has her eye on my pinbadge!
Nothing is safe.


I subscribed to this box back in April because of a Top Ten Tuesday post I saw by Rhoda on Strupag. I loved her photos of the last box and immediately wanted a Illumicrate and signed up for it there and then. The wait was extricating! I was so happy to see When We Collide in this months box. I’ve heard great things about it, but I have to admit I was more excited to see a sampler of Strange the Dreamer. I’ve loved all Laini Taylor books so far and am counting down the days till this beauty is released!


This may sound completely nerdy but my favourite items in this quarters box were The Fox Stamp by Little Stamp Store and the To Be Read List Notepad by Goodnight Boutique just because they are soo cute. I also liked the Cinnamon Muffin recipe which was included with an extract from The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood. I do love to bake :) I can’t wait to see what Daphne puts in the next box! Why is August so far away???



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4 comments on “Stack it: Illumicrate Edition – Box 3

  1. rhodak

    Yay I’m glad you got your boxes!!! Ms4Tune, I have to admit that I was the same – I was more excited about the sampler than the actual book itself. That said, I am now looking forward to reading When We Collided, it isn’t something I’d have bought for myself but I’m intrigued by it. Can’t wait for August either! :D

    1. Ms4Tune

      Hi Rhoda, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up either but I’m very intrigued! I do like Emery Lords writing so hopefully I will like (hopefully love) this one. Love your unboxing by the way. And I agree its mean to spoil it for others who may not have got their boxes yet! I did glimpse a couple of instagram pics prior to mine arriving :(
      How do you spoiler in your blog? I know how to do it on Goodreads is it the same for a blog post?

      Happy Reading! x

      1. rhodak

        Thanks! Oh no, sorry you were spoiled. I think I’m going to ban myself from Instagram while the box is on its way! ;D Erm, I’m not actually sure how to do it in Goodreads haha. I use Ashley (Nose Graze)’s UBB plugin on my blog and it basically adds in a spoiler section for you. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for that plugin I wouldn’t know where to start. ;D She has a couple of posts though that might help though? https://www.nosegraze.com/bbb-question-how-to-hide-spoilers-in-your-reviews-alternative-method/ and https://www.nosegraze.com/how-to-hide-spoilers-in-your-reviews-blogger-wordpress/ Happy reading to you too! x

        1. Ms4Tune

          Banning yourself from Instagram is a good idea but I would fail in following through :P Thank you so much for the link I will go and investigate! x

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