Review: Lost

by Lori Devoti

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“He stared at her and this time instead of making promises he’d mades a thousand tomes before, he let her into his mind…into his heart.”
- 27%

Title: Lost
Author: Lori Devoti
Book: #1 of Lost
Genre: Paranormal romance
Found: on my kindle
Rating: 3 Voodoos

After a car crash that may have taken her friends lives, Rachel Daniels finds herself lost in a cursed canyon. Her only hope to escape the place and save her friends is the man she finds wandering through the night; except Cameron Renault is no ordinary man. He’s a vampire and Rachel’s nightmare may have just begun.


This is called ‘book one’ but should really be ‘part one’ because barely anything is resolved in the short amount of time we have with the characters. What we do get though is an interesting start to what could be a fantastic storyline. Though this is supposed to be about Rachel and Cameron, it’s truly also about Nancy and Dorian, the stars of part 2, because all of their stories are bound up together.

This part introduces us to the horrific situation quite succinctly. There has been an accident and Rachel is desperate to help her friends, but she’s turned up in the middle of another situation between Cameron and Dorian. Suspecting his brother to be a danger, Cameron has followed him into the cursed canyon and the presence of bleeding young ladies is not going to help matters.
Now, I know there’s more to Dorian than we’ve been given so far, mainly because he’s in part 2. But also because of the way it’s presented. I’m excited about the back story we’ll hopefully be given about the brothers AND about the canyon. What is going on there?!

I hope there’s more on Cameron’s tooth caps too. Because for them to work how I imagine them, he must have baby vampire teeth! Which would be hilarious and not at all scary. Unfortunately I think that they’re not going to be mentioned again.

Turns out this is actually 1 of 4. I wonder how this will work. Will part 2 have the same kind of ending as this? How frustrating. I better go find out.

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