Review: Found

by Lori Devoti


“When the woman was with him, when he could smell her cologne and feel the heat of her body against his, he was grounded. He was back in his own head.”
- Chapter 2

Nancy Bonnelly killed her friends. She was driving the car when it wrecked, and she talked them into driving through the cursed canyon. Now two of them are dead, another is missing, and Nancy is injured and near death herself. She is all alone until Dorian Renault finds her, takes her to a cave and nurses her back to health. But what kind of man has the power to bring the almost dead back to life?
A vampire.
And Dorian isn’t any vampire. He’s a vampire fighting a monster of his own, one that lives inside him. He’d given up hope of winning the battle and was ready to die, until he meets Nancy.
Now Dorian has hope, hope that with Nancy by his side he doesn’t have to be a monster after all. However, unknown to Dorian and Nancy, there are other monsters in the canyon. Monsters who know more about Nancy and her accident than Nancy herself.


My review of part one, Lost can be found HERE.

Glad to report this doesn’t have the same kind of ending as part 1! And while it’s not the end of the story, I’m happy to leave it here. part 3 seems to be about Cameron returning to Rachel and seeing if she’ll join him. I’m going to save myself any issues, assume yes and that they all lived happily ever after. I don’t think part 3 will be answering the questions I have about this world so it’s better to not even hope. Things like what are the vampire rules? What are the laws of the supernatural? Are they at war? Are they friends? What’s with the instalove? Is it some kind of soulmate/life partner thing? etc

I liked Dorian. He was a damaged soul and Nancy unknowingly saved him. But then he saved her and hopefully they won’t get in trouble for being in love. Sometimes people just need someone to be there and believe in them and they can sort themselves out. I don’t know if that’s what Dorian needed, but he’ll get that now and that’s the important thing.

The story was good, I liked how it was written and the progression of the situations. However this is not one of those novellas that has lots of information in them which I’m finding out more and more that I prefer. This part also contains more violence than the first and a pretty sexy kiss! but that’s it for ‘explicit’ content.

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