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You’ve been warned! If you don’t want to see the contents of any of these JULY boxes then look no further.
We love receiving Book Stuff. If you want to share any of your latest book related purchases please comment below.
We love seeing what you guys have bought!

I have three subscriptions. THREE!
Well, see, it all started off quite reasonably. One was monthly,one was bimonthly. Then I added the  Nerdy post for this month because it’s my birthday month and I felt like it, but now I have a problem. My Bookish Crate is becoming monthly and Nerdy Post has fantastic fandoms for the next TWO! But I’ve got distracted.

So, The Nerdy Bookworm Box arrived first, this month and I’ve previously done a Book Stuff Sunday for their JUNE box. You can found out more about them in that post found HERE.

This was box 3 and the theme was BOOK BOYFRIENDS!

1. The Witch’s Kiss by Katharine Corr and Elizabeth Corr
2. Rowan Whitehorn Candle by William and Joseph
3. Rhysand Bath Bomb by Geeky Clean
4. Gansey Lip Balm by Literary Lip Balms
5. Peeta Pocket Mirror by Lit Emporium
6. Jace Wayland Sticker by Taratjah
7. Will Herondale Poster by Nerdy Bookworm Box
Extra: Signed Bookplates, Author Book Card, and Monthly Mini-Magazine


My thoughts:

I’ve not heard of this book before but I’m looking forward to reading it! Unfortunately, my holiday is hand luggage only this year so I can’t take any actual books. so I’ll have to continue with my kindle/audio clear out and I can’t take this with me.
YAY! Candle! Not as nice as last months – but then are there any?! – and I’ve not yet read book 3 of Throne Of Glass, which is apparently where Rowan makes his appearance, so I think I’ll save this for then!
LIP-BALM! My favourite! haha, I won’t show you my collection, it’s embarrassingly large…
I’m yet to meet Will Herondale as I’m just re-starting the Mortal Instruments, but I do have to say he sounds like my kind of guy ( : (And according to the boyfriend quiz in the owl hoots magazine he is! haha)

Interested in trying this box? You wont be disappointed! To get 10% off your first box enter the code BOOKS002.
(For every 4 people who uses this code I will earn a free box through this referral program)

Next up was Nerdy Post!

Nerdy Post is a Fandom Merch Subscription Box. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN A BOOK! It DOES contain an 8×10 matte print, double-sided bookmark, auto-grade sticker and a colour in postcard.

Subscriptions automatically renew on the 25th of each month. Boxes ship around the 14th of each month. Themes are announced at the start of each month for the following month. This month was Game of Thrones and is box 2. The first box, which I was gutted to miss, was Harry Potter’s Hogwarts! Next month is Doctor Who, which I LOVE and September is Supernatural – also epic! See my problem here? (order before 31st august to get the Supernatural box!)

The items inside this box are all designed by Nerdy Post creator, Alexis Lampley {on Instagram as @dropandgivemenerdy}. You can even watch her lettering in action on Instagram @Nerdy.Post! I fond this box because I started following her on Instagram for her book posts! It’s based in America, so it means I have to pay postage, but I originally bought this for my birthday and I’ll have to cut some books from my monthly spend because there’s no way I’m not getting the next two!

Inside this box there was:

A Sticker with the start of Jon Snow’s Nightwatch Vows
A print with a fantastic line from Tyrion
A double sided bookmark with Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s names for each other
A badge with Arya’s many-faced god coin image on it
A magnet with Arya’s dance instructors advise
A sticky note pad with various ways to blame Goerge RR Martian for EVERYTHING
A Colour in postcard


My Thoughts:

Wow! How do I learn to do this?! Haha! I was so pleased with this box! It was so much more than I was expecting! I thought it would disappoint me because there was no book. Boy was I wrong.
This is the second print this month that’s made me want to try and work out how to get some up in my ‘library’. I have beams and lots of bookcases, this wont be easy. And there’s no way I’m using this bookmark, I may lose it! Also, I love the notepad. I might just have to take it into work and use it there.

Lastly, my first Bookish Crate turned up.

On the same day as the nerdy post, but several hours later.

My Bookish Crate WAS a bimonthly YA subscription box. It’s currently going through the possess of becoming a monthly box.  In each box you will receive a newly released Young Adult book and 3-5 bookish goodies related to the box’s theme  in a beautifully packaged box and for every box there will be a theme. July  was MAGIC. For August they’re having a special Harry Potter House Pride box and I’m so excited! They’re used the REAL Ravenclaw colours and crest in the advertising so here’s hoping they only have real crested and coloured items in the box!! Unfortunately this is now gone from their ‘single purchase’ page, which is where you need to order the September box as all subscriptions have been switched ready for the monthly start in October. They are British based and ship internationally. They aim to ship between 15th and 20th of each month.

This box contained:

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye as well as some book plates and a letter.
A Bookmark by the BookishCrate team
A pen and mechanical pencil set by Persnickety Co.
A pop up card of the Kremlin in Moscow by the BookishCrate team
A Necklace by My Clockwork Castle
An exclusive bath bomb by WitchWoodRemedies


My Thoughts:

This poor box had the bad luck to turn up after the happy surprise of the Nerdy Post box. It also had the bad luck to contain a book I’d decided I’d probably not want to read! However, I’ll give it a go, I may be pleasantly surprised! It also had the bad luck to contain ANOTHER bath bomb. Not a fan of baths, so I don’t use bath bombs. I misread the description for this one though and thought there was something in the middle as I’ve heard sometimes happens so I ‘used’ this one. Smelt fantastic! Made the water really pretty too! If I liked baths I would have loved it. I just regret I cannot pass it onto one of my bath loving friends.

Boy I’ve got so much book stuff this month Luckily I’m trying to clear out some junk so I’ll have plenty of room for next months loot too! What do you do with your book loot? Can you give me some pointers in the comments below?

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