Waiting on Wednesday: My Bookish Crate

my bookish crate

my bookishcrate august theme

It’s August already but there’s no sign of this fantastic sounding box yet. I’m sure I saw on Instagram that they’re hoping to ship by or On the 22nd which is forever away! So in the mean time I’ve just got the original email notes to re-read and get excited over:

This box is perfect for fans of ‘the boy who lived’ and of the wizarding and enchanted world of Hogwarts. Like never seen before, the August box will include a newly and highly anticipated Hardcover release as well as SIX bookish goodies!

And if you haven’t yet realised . . . this will be a 100% Harry Potter box! Everything inside will be related to this wonderful character and world created by the ever so talented J. K. Rowling.
The cherry on top of the cake is that you will be able to choose your own house! And everything inside the box will be curated to the house of your choice. Show your house and show your pride!

For the first time, My Bookish Crate will be working with the super talented people at Funko to bring you one of their most exciting, new and oh so incredibly cute collection series they have come up with to date!

And have we told you that besides choosing your house there will be an item in the box that will be personalised to you?

For those of you who don’t yet know, I’m House RAVENCLAW!

real ravenclaw banner

And for some reason my house was targeted by some evil plot by someone in film land. They changed the house symbol from an eagle to a crow and changed the blue and BRONZE to Blue and silver.

FAKE ravenclaw


Some claim it’s because the name is Ravenclaw and the eagle didn’t make sense. So then, why not just mess with everybody, give Griffindor a griffin, Hufflepuff a huffle and Slytherin a slyther. Cause that’s the only thing that makes sense, WHY PICK ON US?!

(Sorry, sore subject…moving on…)

So, with that vile corruption in mind you can understand I’d be a little apprehensive about the goodies in this box. But the advertising uses the correct colour and crest so I am pretty excited (while trying not to get my full hopes up) for a superb collection of Ravenclaw trinkets! Bring on the end of the month!!

Do you have House Pride?
What HOGWARTS house are you in?
What ILVERMORNY house are you in? (I’m a Thunderbird!)

pam id pics paein


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