Throwback Thursday: Arabian/Moroccan Jar Lanterns

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Are you ready for more jar mischief? I mean, decorating….

I originally posted this as a Make It Monday on the 14th of March. I’ve made a few more since then with the idea that they’ll hold candles and look pretty fantastic for a tea party my mother is having.

I used the final option I discovered in the Make It Monday from March – adding food colour to glue and painting it on. As I said then, gel food colour works better and a little water helps some too or the glue can be a little too thick to paint on easily.

This time I also painted on some of the gold.

This was both easier and harder, while it gave a better effect for some things it also took far more coats and therefore more days drying. It was easier to cover mistakes this way, just grabbing a paint brush and smoothing out the wobbily drawn patterns. Of course I couldn’t do this with all of them or I’d have ended up with 7 jars painted gold…


Here are my final jars and I’m actually pretty pleased with them. Some of the colours were not what I was expecting, but I actually quite like them so I don’t care. (there is one more not pictured, but it needed special attention because the colour mix had too much food colouring and it’s sticky so it’s currently drying off a coat of glue to seal in the sticky before it’s prettied up with gold.


They should look pretty spectacular with candles in them even if I do say so myself.

Have you made any of these jars yet? What tips and tricks do you have? Let me know below!

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3 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Arabian/Moroccan Jar Lanterns

  1. Kairi Gainsborough

    Your hand painted jars turned out so beautiful! I love the exotic look of Moroccan lanterns, and I think you did a good job at capturing that look. I’m looking for a black lantern with red glass for my living room. Until I find the perfect one, I should make a few of these to decorate with. I bet the colors will look even prettier when they are lit up with candles.

    1. Paein

      Thank you! I have to say I’ve since discovered that candle heat and large amounts of rain really compromise the coloured glue…Could do with some kind of sheer spray paint really, if such a thing exists. The gold holds up pretty well in comparison!
      That sound’s like a lovely lantern! If you can’t find one, could you paint one you liked the shape of?

      1. Kairi Gainsborough

        Hmm, I’ll have to check the craft store for some sort of paint like that. Maybe I can just find a black lantern and pain the glass the color I want!

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