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You’ve been warned! If you don’t want to see the contents of this AUGUST box then look no further.

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I’m trying something different this month. Last month I put all three of my subscriptions up at once and at a time when I thought everyone may have received their respective boxes. This month I’m just going to write these posts as the boxes arrive and put them up on the closest available Sunday, because why not?! There are spoiler warnings after all.

Please read my first post for more information on this subscription box OR visit their website HERE.


This months theme was DYSTOPIAN!

1 Unplugged by Donna Freitas
2 Wax Melts inspired by The Glade in The Maze Runner by Owlchemy
3 The Factions Magnetic Bookmarks by From New Leaf (Abnigation & Dauntless)
4 I’d Rather Be divergent Keyring by Fable and Black
5 Fire is Catching plastic mug by Nerdy Bookworm Box
6 Arrows and Anarchy Coffee by Cracked Black Inc (Inspired by The Hunger Games)
7 Fahrenheit 451 poster designed by Nerdy Bookworm Box

I have to say that when I opened this box I was terribly disappointed. The reason for that was plastic. I hate plastic and this box contains a plastic mug and a large plastic keyring. Would I have liked them more if they were made out of something other than plastic? Most likely – so it’s perhaps more my prejudice than the items fault.

Unfortunately things didn’t get better right away, because there was also COFFEE, which I’m not a fan of either. But I’ll give this a try and I’ll certainly browse their TEAS! But then we got to the Divergent bookmarks. I didn’t really like the first film OR the end of the last book, but Four was a pretty great character and I’m completely fine with being presented with Abnigation and Dauntless logos (Which I had to look up to double check I’d identified them correctly, which lead to a Faction test. Apparently I’m Divergent with my highest score in Amity…)

Then I found the melts and by some odd witchery they smelt completely different when I first opened them to the way they do now. Now they have the magical hint of baby powder that makes so many scents appeal to me. Unfortunately these guys will never be burnt. They will simply make their way around my house as I carry them about sniffing them.

Lastly I’mm mention Unplugged. The magazine – Owl Hoots Issue 02 – claims this is perfect for fans of Scott Westerfield’s UGLIES – a series I didn’t like the sound of. However, I didn’t let this put me off and the blurb sounds pretty fantastic! It puts me in mind of Surrogates – the film – as well as Red Dwarf’s Kristine Kochanski as she went to a virtual school. I look forward to reading this.

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