Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books With Schoolish Settings


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s a back to school freebie and we’ve chosen books with a school  type setting.


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1 Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1)

by Richelle Mead

Vampire school! Sort of. I’m pretty sure this is everywhere and if it’s not something you’re familiar with, you need to at least go check out the blurb. Because Rose is fantastic and so freaking sassy. Also pretty kickarse. Dimitri isn’t bad either and together they’re terrifying and hilarious. This is set in a school where Rose’s best friend is learning to become vampire royalty and Rose is learning to protect her with her life.

Etiquette & Espionage (Finishing School #1)

by Gail Carriger

A spy school for proper young ladies in a Steampunk Victorian London? What coul’d possibly go wrong?! Probably everything, but I’ve only read two of the four books so far so I haven’t any idea. I’ve chosen this one because the stories tend to takes place in their airborne school and they have such facinating lessons.

3 The List

by Siobhan Vivian

This is set around a list published at school and I think it’s a very powerful book. it covers the lives of 8 girls which can be quite hard to follow at times, but it shows how powerful words can be and not always in the way you’d expect. I think this is an important book to read because it makes you think about what we do to each other with our throw away lines.

4 The Magicians Guild (The Black Magician Trilogy #1)

by Trudi Canavan

I loved this series! I’ve read it a few times now and I even swapped out my paperbacks for hardbacks (because I feel that all good books should be owned in hardback). I haven’t yet read the series set before or after this one, because I know my favourite character won’t be in them. But I do still want to read them and I need to get over the fact he wont be in every book set in this world! I’ve chosen this series because Sonea finds herself a student at a magic school, much to her surprise.

5 Foundation (Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles, #1)

by Mercedes Lackey

Most of the stories set in this world have some form of time spent in the Collegium – where new Heralds are trained, but I’ve chosen this one because It’s set right at the beginning of when the Collegium is built. I’ve read the first 2 of this set, the others weren’t out at the time and I’ve been collecting them. I hope to get to them soon because I love this world, it’s so imaginative! However, there’s another set of books that have the same character in I think and that isn’t quite finished yet so I may just wait a little longer.


going vintage croak Assassin's Game v is for virgin paradise city

6  Going Vintage

by Lindsay Leavitt

I really enjoyed this short story about a girl who finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with someone he meet online. In an attempt to avoid further heartache Mallory gives up everything to do with technology. I was discussing this idea with someone recently and realised just how difficult that really would be. No more blogging, no more goodreads, no more facebook… I’d have to have actual conversations with people and remember countless numbers in order to use a pay phone… It’s just insane how dependant we are now on technology. Anyway, Mallory tries to complete her final year (at an American High School) without the aid of technology, and it’s hard, but the purge allows her to explore some amazing new things including vintage clothes stores. Something I think everyone should do anyway.

7 Croak

by Gina Damico

In a more fantasy inspired school setting we have Croak. Croak is about Lex who finds out she is descended from Reapers. Lex is enrolled at the School for Teenage Reapers and the fun begins there. Croak is hilarious. It’s witty and sarcastic and full of incredibly clever ideas. I read this a good few years ago and I have plenty of fond memories of it. I would like to go back and finish this series sometime.

8 The Assassin Game

by Kirsty McKay

My most recent school based read. It’s set in a boarding school on an island of the cost of Wales and it’s a mystery thriller. It’s kind of like Nerve by Jeanne Ryan but better. Cate gets invited to join a special school society that play a game called Killer – a murder mystery game but everything starts to go wrong and soon it’s more than a game. It’s really entertaining and keeps you guessing till the very end.

9 V is for Virgin

by Kelly Oram

I loved this book. V is for Virgin is all about a girl names Val who stands decides that she doesn’t want to be like all the other girls and wants to stay celibate until she finds the right person. It’s cute and shows you some of the best and worst sides of being a teenage in High School. She never shames the other girls by the way, she just wants people to respect her decision.

10 Paradise City

by C J Duggan

Paradise City is set in Australia. It’s about Lexie and how she is sent to live with her aunt and cousin in order to complete her schooling. She’s been homeschooled up till now and is a little naive when it comes to high school politics. There is always one scene that gets stuck in my head when I think of this book and that is when Lexie gets caught crawling out of a window. She basically gets screwed over by the evil kids in her year because they like to laugh at her. I read this book in a day it was that good. I need to read the next book because the guys in this were hot!

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  1. Broc's Bookcase

    Oh dear, I haven’t read any of these! I really like the look of Going Vintage though. Like you said, it would be next to impossible to give everything up, but at the same time it would be so freeing! Definitely going to check that one out!
    People keep telling me to check out Vampire Academy, but I don’t know, I feel like I’ve had my fill of vampires. Maybe I’ll check out out in about 50 years, when I start craving vampire books again!

    1. Ms4Tune

      haha yes everything got a little OTT with Vampires didn’t it. Vampire academy is a good one though. I don’t know of many people who didn’t enjoy it.

      Going Vintage is adorable and it’s so short that it will hardly interrupt your reading time! Let me know what you think if you do get to read it :)

      Happy Reading! Rachel

  2. Mariela

    VA is one of my favorite series!
    PS: Your blog is my favorite to visit on the TTT it is so cute! I love it.
    My TTT.

    1. Ms4Tune

      Awww thank you Mariela! We love your blog too! (and your choices this week, I need them! lol) xxx

  3. Anne Bennett

    Fun topic. I often think the way schools are presented in books are so inaccurate, though. Often funny or terrifying.

    1. Ms4Tune

      I agree! Although I think if someone wrote a book about my school years it would be very dull. No one would want to read that. lol. It’s always a hyped up, exaggerated version of school.

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