Review: Darkling Mine

by Andra Sashner

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“Don’t glare at me like that, little darkling. I’m only interested in who it is who’s managed to bring some joy back into Borgie’s life.”
- 74%

Title: Darkling Mine
Author: Andra Sashner
Publisher: Less Than Three Press 
Book: stand alone
Genre: supernatural/adult/m-m
Found: kindle clearout
Rating: 3.5 Voodoos

Set to solve the mystery of a recent string of highway robberies, Bjorn is startled when he hears the details of the crimes—as though the very darkness comes to life to attack the nobles trapped within their carriages. It is a description he knows very well indeed, a description that puts the robber far closer to home than he dares let anyone realise…


I was expecting some kind of vague and over dramatic horror story over 24 pages. What I got was a well developed steamy romance with a little bit of dark thrown in!

24 pages were not enough, I need to know everything about this world! Is Darkling a name for Vampires? Or is he a special type? What types of magic does this world have? What types of ruling system is going on? Where is this?!
all very important questions, but this is a stand alone some years old so chances are we shan’t find out.

I wasn’t particularly enamoured of Bjorn calling his lover Pet, until I twigged it was from his name. PETrok. haha, sometimes dyslexia is funny, sometimes it’s embarrassing. Their relationship is an interesting one, we’re treated to the story of how they met, Petrok seems to masquerade as a member or Lord Bjorn’s staff and Lord Bjorn seems to be some kind of super grumpy police chief type. The robberies are happening and Bjorn needs to solve them. There’s no indication of their usual dynamic but this seems to be the first time many of the Marshals are aware of Petrok which is interesting.

I enjoyed this world quite a bit, the darkling business intrigues me. Can they be out in daylight? not sure if it was covered or not to be honest. A surprisingly well formed story for such a short novella.

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