Book Stuff Sunday – Nerdy Bookworm Box – September 2016


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(You’ve been warned! If you don’t want to see the contents of this SEPTEMBER box then look no further. )

We like stuff.
We LOVE book stuff.
Join us on those sundays where we’re just bursting with excitement as we show off our new book stuff!
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Please read my first post for more information on this subscription box OR visit their website HERE.

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In this box we got:

1. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
2. Lost Queen candle by Meraki Candles
3. Books Rule tote bag by Nerdy Bookworm Box
4. Queen of Hearts notebook by Neon Magpie 
5. Frozen Funko Poket Pop – Anna
6. Khaleesi Mini Poster

BONUS items included: Three Dark Crowns postcard,  Owl hoots mini-Magazine, a Disney Royalty sticker set by Plannable Designs, a Monthly Themed bookmark (with the picture from the magazine on it) and the new monthly Quest Card.


Yay! No plastic! (save for the pocket pop, but that’s ok for some reason)

Honestly I’d opted not to add this book to my to-read list. But part of my idea of having book boxes is to ‘try new(ish) things’ so I’m certainly going to give it a go! There’s apparently 3 covers and I’m happy with the one I’ve got, from the blurb this is perhaps my favourite sister. T
he three covers are a clever idea and gives book collectors a set to get. Having recently discovered I am actually a book collector (Wondering at people with more than one copy of a book with a different cover only to discover I’m on my 3rd/4th set of Harry Potter…) I sort of hope I don’t end up obsessed with this book because then I will need them all, or at the very least the cover of the sister I like best if it changes…

The candle was dangerous…I LOVE candles and book candles are SO FANTASTIC!!!!! So the fact there was a UK based book candle company was brilliant news (and I’m now subscribed to their next months candle box…). This candle also happens to be a Throne of Glass spoiler… so that was a little annoying. But maybe it’ll encourage me to get caught up?

I’m terrified the material of the tote won’t hold up, but I’ve been using it and so far so good! The notebook is adorable and might not get used…and I just can’t decide what to do with my stickers, I don’t want to waste them! And I’m really not sure what to do with Anna, she’s so dinky she’ll get lost with all the others…

I enjoyed this box more than last months, that plastic really bothered me (Irrational I know!). I investigateed the quest card but it seems to be related 100% to the book, so if you’re like me and you don’t read your box books right away it’s not something for you to look at, I wonder if it’ll still be there when I get around to reading it or if it changes each month?
And I’ve bought a book thanks to the mini-magazine! The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron. Apparently I have one of her books already, but this one sounded a little bit like Æon Flux and a lot fantastic.

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