Throwback Thursday: Spiderweb Crown


Here’s another look at last years spider web crown.

Original Make it Monday post can be found HERE.

When I originally made the crown it was awful, it was pretty much a massive FAIL. I thought the problem was my uprights were too much thicker than the ‘web’ bits but when I posted the blog post I realised my uprights were too straight up. I had no time then to correct my error, but you can bet I went back afterwards to do it!


With the sorted out uprights it looked so much better! I’m so much happier with it than I was first off, jut with that simple adjustment, the other option was to get some thicker wire to rewind the web, but I don’t think I’ll need to.


See what I mean? The only issue I have left is that you can’t actually see it to full effect when I put it on, it being black and my hair being nearly as dark…
Guess I’m going to have to find some kind of white crown to make. Snow Queen maybe?
Still, I plan on wearing this this year, even if the only place I go is work….

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