Throwback Thursday: Enchanting Lanterns


A week of lanterns! Which are your favourites?

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I’d forgotten about these jars, I gave them away at the same event the ghost left me and I miss them too. I don’t think that I made the paint too thick and you can see the candles through, so perhaps it simply was just too dark. Well I have two other purples to play with now so that’s something! I’d also consider getting some green to make it a little more spooky…

I remember that the printouts printed very large so I improvised and I actually think that the witch and cat were my favourites. I know that at least one of my (black) cats would love to be able to sit on the moon if only she could get there!


If I do make these again I will certainly take my own recommendation and use larger jars where possible. Not necessarily taller, but certainly wider!

Have you made any spooky Lanterns?
Tell me all about them!

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