Make it Monday: Scary Halloween Lantern

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1 week to go!

This is originally a DIY by makoccino on youtube and the video HOW TO can be found HERE.

For this you will need:

Tall straight sided glasses
Tissue paper
A glue gun and glue sticks
Blackboard paint
Chalk (maybe the same colour as the paper you choose)
Hair spray

Please do check out the video because you get to see her doing each step and it’s so helpful!

Unfortunately my local supermarket only sold the glasses by themselves and not that cheaply which means I only got myself 1, but I’m going to keep an eye out cause I need an army of these guys.

You need to be really careful with the tissue paper and I actually had to do the first bit again because it ripped, which was annoying, but once you’ve got the face on and glued down it’s time to get the glue gun out!

20161022_211208 20161023_124627

I think I did my drips wider apart than the original and I thought It would make it look bad but surprisingly it doesn’t. The blackboard paint doesn’t smell nice this close to your face and I had trouble getting it to stay on the glass. I had to do several coats to get it to stay nicely. The worst bit was making sure all the glue was covered on the inside of the eyes and mouth so there was no shiny bits without getting paint onto the paper.

20161023_125330 20161023_162641

Then once it’s dry it’s just a matter of breaking out the chalk and the hair spray and getting yourself a tealight, real or electric and setting it all up to look fantastic.




Well, mine needs a few more coats of blackboard paint because with the candle in it you can see the gaps. A big no no! I like this because even thought it’s meant to be dripping wax, to me it looks more like a snow white evil tree and I want to make one with branches to see what it looks like.

I’ve already said that I’m game for making more of these, so they will probably reappear next year. I found this quite easy and fun to do in my ill state right now, though with the delicate nature of the details and the tissue and with the HOT glue I don’t think this would be a suitable craft for children.

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