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Make it Monday: Pizza Waffles!


They look like normal waffles, you say?

I don’t think so.

WHAT: Food
WHERE: here
VOODOOS: 4 (could do with improving)

Recently pinterest has received a lot of attention and while viewing some page or other I came across a series of pictures showing you how to make a pizza waffle. Unfortunately there was no link to the recipe!!! So I used trusty google and found this recipe:


However, being British, our biscuit dough is kinda different, so I used this recipe to make the dough:


(though I used too much buttermilk and had to throw in extra flour till it didn’t stick to my hands in a solid lump) THEN things started going right. It was impossible to slice the dough as it was still a little sticky so we pulled it in half and stuck the cheese and and some peperami slices in before rolling it back up into a ball.

IMG_20140620_184414 IMG_20140620_184325IMG_20140620_184448

We heated up the waffle maker and popped them in and checked them till we were happy, then we ate them sooo happily!


The dough was sticky and icky while trying to make it into balls. Possibly adapt a savoury scone recipe. Or find one that doesn’t expand too much.

More than a slice of cheese needs to go inside, probably pull out the dough thinner and use grated cheese, maybe rolled into a ball. When they cooked they’d expanded and there was hardly any cheese inside.

Will definitely be trying these again soon!!



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