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by Jenny Colgan

Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery


Title: Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery
Author: Jenny Colgan
Publisher: Sphere
Book: apparently #3 of Little Beach Street Bakery but can be read completely independantly
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Chick-Lit, Christmas Fiction
Found: Netgalley

It’s Christmas in the Cornish coastal village of Mount Polbearne – a time for family, friends and feasting. When Polly’s not creating delicious treats in the Little Beach Street bakery, she’s cuddled up with her gorgeous boyfriend, Huckle. But when a storm cuts the village off from the mainland, can the villagers work together to save Christmas for everybody?

- Netgalley

I’m currently 15% into this story and really enjoying the depth and detail Jenny Colgan has put into both characters and setting. Jenny Colgan has a very friendly, open and chatty way of writing which eases you into the story quickly and makes you feel like you’ve known these characters forever! It’s had a few humorous and quirky moments so far as it fills you in on the back stories for each character. I’m surprised by how much information we’re given and yet never made to feel overwhelmed. This is my second Jenny Colgan book and I have to say she’s fast setting her place as one of my favourite Chick-Lit writers.

The main character, Polly is really funny, and I can relate to her a lot. She’s content with her life so far, even though money is tight she doesn’t really want anything to change, but you can’t stay doing the same thing forever. The future is just around the bend and her fiance Huckle has plans. Scary baby and marriage plans. I can’t wait to see how these two characters take the next big step in their relationship. At this very moment I have left them putting their coats on ready to brave the cold, windy and rainy December weather as they go to a villiage meeting to hopefully reopen the islands only school. Polly doesn’t really want to go but Huckle won’t take no for an answer.

This book may just be what I’ve been looking for! Here’s to shacking off the reading slump I’ve found myself in.

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