Make it Monday: Leaf Rose



They’re everywhere, makes sense to do something with them.

This is from a pin, which links HERE.

I thought that I couldn’t do another jar craft, cause we’ve just throwback thursday’d all those others! I found this and I really wanted a go.

First things first, I have no idea what floral tape is so I used electrical – I have some left over from the Maleficent headband and I didn’t think that anything else I had would stick to the not quite dry leaves.

20161106_124207 20161106_125111 20161106_124940

I started with some tiny leaves because I wanted a different colour to the big ones which were all YELLOW! Then I started to try and get the edges of the leaves into play because I didn’t like the straight edges of the original. It was harder than it looked so I used some to build up the rose bud bit.

20161106_131501 20161106_131504 20161106_132020

I didn’t have the same kind of leaf as the original was made with either, I had a lot of giant fig leaves that didn’t really help! So I ended up pulling the leaves apart and using parts of leaves, you cant really tell, it just meant I didn’t have two thirds of a leaf handing about underneath. I ended up folding out the top parts as I wrapped them around the rose, to mimic how a rose petal sits. This worked quite well and looked better than I thought it would.


It doesn’t look as nice as I’d hoped, but that would probably involve cutting the leaves into shape and then waiting for them to dry out and gluing them together like the paper ones I’ve made. The top looks far nicer than the base. It hasn’t got a rose shape so if you wanted them to decorate something they would need to be face on to everybody or covered or embedded into something. It took me quite a while to get it to go the way I was happy with, I guess because I’ve not played with leaves before? Who knows…

Smelt pretty great making it though!

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