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Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Bookish Confessions

pamstoptenThis is a top ten organised by www.brokeandbookish.com (a weekly link-up in the community).

This is our First Top Ten Tuesday and We’re joining other bloggers in sharing Bookish Confessions. These are my (Ms4Tune’s) Top Ten Bookish Confessions. 

1. I can’t seem to stop myself from buying new books.

I’ve tried really hard to curb my book buing ways and yet some how I always seem to find a reason for needing to buy more books. I even had a £10 monthly budget for myself this year and I just became more inventive with my excuses as to why I really needed that particular book!IMG_20131029_114543

2. Nearly every book I have ever borrowed from the library, goes back unread.

I know this sounds terrible but I always borrow books from the library thinking this sounds great and yet some how many of the books I get out end up unread. If I do actually read them I usually find that I have had to renew my return date to the maximum.

3. I have stolen (not purposefully – I will explain) at least 3 books from the library.

The books that come to mind are: (I’m counting these as confessions)

4. Milly Molly Mandy Again by Joyce Lankester Brisley – from my Primary School Library – I must have been 9 at the time and I had loved the first book (Milly Molly Mandy). Miss King a TA had found book 2 for me in the library but had forgotten to book it out for me. She gave me the copy to take on Summer Holiday with me and I was so happy. I read it within the first week and put it on my shelf. Now I know this is no excuse but as a tiny person with 6 weeks holiday ahead of me I was just so excited by all the things we had planned over the holidays that by the time I went back to school I’d  completely forgotten about the book. I didn’t actually find it again till after I had finished Primary School.

5. The Crush by Alex Shearer – from my local library – this was more a keeping quiet steal. I borrowed this one just before the library was refurbished and when I took back my other books – knowing that I would have a fine on this one – I asked if I had anything to pay or outstanding and they said No. I asked if they were sure they said Yes. So I kept quiet and kept it. (I will admit this is one of those library books that I still haven’t read.

6. Nameless – This one I can’t remember at all what it was called or who wrote it! but I remember I was given it as part of the Carnegie Prize awards – I can’t even remember which year as I joined in with quite a few of these. As these weren’t booked out and in, I was convinced I had given it back. The Librarian and I had many an argument regarding this book as she was sure I still had it. I did not like being called a liar and eventually she decided that I must be right. Well imagine my embarrassment when 2 years later I discovered it in a box while gutting my room. By this time I had left my high school. I asked my brother in the end to take it in for me and Mrs Lowe (the librarian – sent me a note saying ‘I knew you had it – but thank you for returning it’) – Ok so this one was just borrowed for a very long time…

So in a Black and White way I stole two of these but in the grey you could say I obtained then in an unofficial way.

7. I Love Twilight

I didn’t read for quite sometime between high school and University and must admit that it was the Twilight Saga that got me back into reading. I loved the books and the films. I loved the films so much that I made my boyfriend, Brother, male house mate and my boyfriends sister join me in a 12 hour Twilight-athon at Cineworld when the last film came out. We took blankets and pillows and wore onesies :) Still one of the best cinema experiences of my life!


8. I stress when recommending books.

I care (possibly too much) about what people think and so find recommending a book to someone, especially one I love, to be quite stressful. I feel like I’ve opened myself up to someone and I’m scared they will hate it and think what on earth is this girl on???

9. I always judge a book by its cover.

I really do. I don’t know why but an ugly cover does put me off a book. I know it’s stupid. I feel so disgusted with myself for even saying it out loud.

10. I HATE series that NEVER STOP!

I think the thing that annoys me the most is when a series feels like its come to a conclusion and yet the Author just doesn’t know when to stop! Currently my hate is directed at you J K Rowling! Leave Potter Alone! It’s finished, don’t ruin a good thing! But she’s not the only one that makes my blood boil… Others include… Gena Showalter, don’t get me wrong I love her Lords of the Underworld series but seriously how many more Lords are just going to appear and have a sexy romp with a mortal! And always the same sex… tut tut. And then there’s those who take the same story and just write a Novella from the other characters POV… To name and shame a few… K A Linde (I don’t want to know what Jack was actually thinking, I liked my version), Jennifer L Armentrout and you know what, I’m gonna stop there cos I’m getting annoyed.


2 comments on “Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Bookish Confessions

  1. Enbrethiliel (@Enbrethiliel)


    I love Twilight, too. <3

    My own cinema experience involved getting all the friends I had invited to my birthday party to watch Twilight with me first, before dinner. We took up nearly a whole row at the cinema . . . and I’m afraid to say that some of us were so loud that people kept turning around! =P I liked Twilight only ironically at the time, but it has since become a true favourite. =)

    And I’ve also “stolen” a book from my elementary school library . . . by losing it in the mess that was my room. I was so young at the time that I didn’t understand about fees and fines, and now I suspect that the librarian wrote off what I owed rather than try explaining it to me for the millionth time! =P I found the book years later in a big storage box of other books from my childhood. Ooops!

    Finally, I also get really stressed out when recommending books. In fact, I refuse to! If people ask me whether they’ll like a specific book that they know I’ve read, I interrogate them thoroughly to make sure that they and the book will be a good fit. Well, except where Downsiders by Neal Shusterman is concerned. THAT I will recommend to anybody–not just because I really loved it, but also because everyone else I know who has read it has adored it, too! =D

    1. Ms4Tune

      Hi Enbrethiliel, Thanks for stopping by!

      It’s good to see other people admit that they love Twilight too! So many people are down on it these days, and yes I know it has flaws, but I still love it! I think there are probably a lot of people that secretly love the books and/or the films. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday party that year though :)

      Oh good I was hoping someone else would understand how I could accidentally ‘steal’ books. I’m not an overly naughty person, I tend to be a stickler for rules (a goody-goody some may say), but I am very forgetful and so this is probably the nearest I will ever come to breaking the law lol.

      I will make sure that Downsiders by Neal Shusterman is on my to-read list then :) and an interrogation process for book recommendations is definitely the way forward. :D

      Hope to hear from you again soon! Have a lovely day x

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