Make it Monday: Snowmen Tealights

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Not the make it I had planned, but the make it we have!

I was planning something with jars, like the halloween ones last year, but it was cold and getting dark and I was in a hurry.
I don’t know if I painted them too thickly or if the paint was just too dark, but candles didn’t shine through.
So I had to scrap them last minute.


Luckily I had a half made snowman on my desk!


The original pin linked to HERE.

For this you will need:

Some faux tea-lights
Some black [glittery] card
Some red [glittery] card
Some red ribbon
Some [super sticky] glue
Black permanent marker

First off, draw on the snowman’s face. I recommend you check the back and see where you want the switch to be before you just randomly draw on it (like I did…).
Then you need to just draw your hat on the back of the black card.
I eyeballed it then when back in and drew it with a ruler to get it even once I had the basic size I was after.
Cut it out then do the same with a small red strip then stick them together.

20161120_153638 20161120_153758 20161120_154247

Next is the most difficult part. THE RIBBON! you need to fold it to the right size and shape to help you know where to cut it.
Then you need to glue it in place, I recommend leaving a bit of the back for the tealight to be glued to and to not quite stick all of the front to the back so that the tealight can sit inside it a little as though it really was a head.

20161120_160751 20161120_160802

Then once that’s stuck you need to stick on the hat.
I put the glue on the tealight so that I could work out the placement better.
You could add the hat before the bow, but I think if I’d tried that I’d have knocked the hat off…

20161120_161800 20161120_161804

A quick and easy Make it that you can make with children! Or slightly less crafty adults…
You could even add a loop of ribbon onto the back and hang them around the house or on the tree when you put up in DECEMBER. Right?

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