Stack It Book Stuff Saturday: Nerdy Post – October 2016

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(It’s December, I think everyone has their OCTOBER Nerdy Post boxes now. We’re running out of Sundays in a month! )

We like stuff.
We LOVE book stuff.
Join us on those sundays where we’re just bursting with excitement as we show off our new book stuff!
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Nerdy Post is an AMERICAN BASED monthly fandom box. THERE ARE NO BOOKS IN THIS BOX. Each month a different Fandom is represented, not always a bookish one. Most of the items are hand lettered by the creator though sometimes other items make their way inYour Nerdy Post will be filled with 5-7 exclusive items featuring original, hand-lettered and illustrated quotes, symbols, images, etc” ! It’s easy to skip a month, you just go to your account and edit your subscription details and click on skip next renewal. A new section has just been announced – They will be starting a complimentary t-shirt box in January! more information can be found on their website.

In each box you tend to get:

1. A print
2. A bookmark
3. A magnet
4. An auto-grade sticker
5. A colour in sendable postcard

Octobers theme was:

nerdypost oct theme

In this box we got:

1. A Jamie quote Print
2. A Jamie/Claire double sided bookmark
3. A Sassenach sticker
4. A  Clan Fraser motto Lapel pin by LapelYeah
5. A magnetic bookmark 1 of 2 by Shariscribbles
BONUS : – Hand lettered insert



I have 3 favourite things in these boxes – the bookmarks the magnets and the colouring in cards. So I was sad that this months magnet item was a BOOKMARK! (Still at least I’ve got the bookmark!) I love these boxes because they’re pretty and it’s basically a box of quotes. I keep it quiet but I’m obsessed with quotes. I had books when I was younger FULL of them. inspirational ones, funny ones silly ones, totally-out-of-context-ones-that-made-no-more-sense ones so you can perhaps see why I might just love these boxes.

I’ve featured one on here before – the first one I received but since then they haven’t really been book themed so I’ve refrained. The next two are also book themed though so they’ll crop up too! Because there’s no book and the items are designed by the creator these boxes are quite reasonably priced. The announcement for each box comes a month in advance either via a news letter or a video on their instagram account. I’d recommend keeping an eye out for your fandoms! Also check out their other website Dropandgivemenerdy for a past box sale! I missed out on getting the first box – the one I missed but I got a part-box. I’m hoping like crazy that with the print I get the bookmark and the colour card!


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