Make it Monday: Christmas Canvas Art

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I found these pictures and I kind of smooshed the ideas together…

For this you will need:

A canvas
A sharpie or other permanent marker
A short bristled brush or a brush you can cut down
Various paint colours
Some thin card to make a template for the light bulbs
Weak glue

First off, choose your word and draw it on your canvas, don’t forget to make it loopy like a string of lights and try and avoid sharp lines. I chose “JOY” because it’s a common Christmas word and I have no idea what I’ll be ding with the canvas now that I’ve made it so it seemed more appropriate than “LOVE”. Once you’re happy with it, draw over it in marker. While that is drying make your templates for the light bulbs DON’T RUB OUT THE PENCIL LINES TILL IT IS DRY. I drew one and cut it out and used that as a template to draw more so that they were all the same size. I drew more light bulbs than colours so that if they were one use only then I had more at hand. I didn’t need my extras however.

20161204_182058 20161204_183952 20161204_184208

I cut the ends of the bristles off a rough paintbrush I had and used the glue to glue the bulbs in place so that I could stencil around them without them moving. I then used the tweezers to remove the bulb shape CAREFULLY before the glue had a chance to fully dry. Depending on how wet your paint is on the brush depends on your results with the stippling – as well as your angle. I cleaned some inner edges up with a wet softer brush wile the paint was still wet where possible and with white paint where it was not.

20161204_184406 20161204_184619 20161204_221128

Once the bulb outlines were dry I added little black bits to make them look more like bulbs. The tricky bit was trying to not get the same colours next to each other.



Very time consuming and fiddly. I regretted my combination almost as soon as I started it. Finger prints would be so much faster! But it was fun to watch it develop. With only one or two bulbs on it looked horrid, but covered in them it looks much better. I want to know what it would look like with the bulbs having black outlines inside the colour and maybe even bulb details but I’m scared to mess it up….

I also didn’t have very christmassy colours and really wanted a green. I also think that it might work better or easier with ink (ink pads) instead of paint.

Have you tried this before? What do you recommend?

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