Throwback Thursday: Specialist Christmas Wreath




This is a week of thinking back to 2014 – I’ve been looking at my work emails from then this week too! But in 2014 I made this beautiful thing.

It’s still going strong thanks for asking, even though the building around it has changed.  The original post can be found HERE if you’re interested in seeing how my posting style (and even skill!) has developed over time. I’m still pretty pleased about this thing and I look forward to taking it out each year.

One problem we have now is that our door has a window so you can see the naked bits on the back!!!

It all started with something like this picture and me flexing my crafty skills.


 As I work in ICT it made sense for me to use ICT items, but there is NOTHING preventing YOU from making one if a different specialised area. A spatula and measuring cup one for your kitchen. A spanner and hammer one for the garage? Whatever you like.

You will of course need a glue gun And I also recommend you see how well your green stuff wraps around, you may need to stick some bigger items over a large area so that the green stuff will cover everything.



Or you know, you could just buy extra green stuff to cover the whole thing first…

If you make a specialist wreath I’d love to see it! Please share your pictures with us!

pam id pics paein


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