Review: A Christmas Wish

by Carole Matthews

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“It must have been too fast for me. I’m too old to be riding the carousel.”
“Nonsense, you’re never too old.”
- 61%

Title: A Christmas Wish
Author: Carole Matthews
Publisher: Sphere
Book: short
Genre: romance
Found: kindle
Rating:  2 Voodoos

Last year, Hannah’s Christmas was full of love, happiness and romance. Things couldn’t be more different this Christmas. Broken-hearted and lonely, Hannah wishes she could be happy and in love again but she is struggling to find even a glimmer of her old festive spirit. Luckily for her, there’s some Christmas magic in the air . . .

A Christmas Wish is a heart-warming ebook exclusive short story that will make you a firm believer in the power of Christmas. So take twenty minutes for yourself and indulge yourself in this romantic and festive tale.

*Includes an extract from Carole’s wonderful festive novel, Calling Mrs Christmas*


This was adorable and far far too short. Nothing actually seemed to happen other than a wish was heard and ‘granted’.

It was a pretty little meet-cute though but where did santa come from?! And did her office miss her?

It put me in mind of Silver Bells which I read a few weeks ago, probably because of the carousel. I’d like to think that maybe it was the same carousel because despite the fact I’m sure London was mentioned, pretzels and Bagels were being toasted so it couldn’t have been the UK…unless we get all American-y in the winter and I just haven’t noticed…

I honestly didn’t read the free extract – because I wanted more of Hannah’s adventures not some Mrs Christmas! (they aren’t the same I checked!)

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