Throwback Thursday: Spiced Apple



It’s the time of year that I can make this stuff with happy abandon!
Drink all the apple juice!!

This was originally a 2014 Make it Monday and can be found HERE. Pretty sure I mentioned it somewhere last year too, cause I’d have been crazy not too.

Pretty much it’s mulled wine with the wine swapped for apple juice. The best I’ve tried is cloudy apple juice and apparently it works fantastically for sore throats!

You need as much apple juice and you can stand (you can keep topping up the saucepan for a good few days!)
An orange
A lemon
Whole cloves
Cinnamon sticks

Did you ever make that orange with cloves stuck in it as a child? Why did we do that?!

Anyway, you need to make one of those without the ribbon and add that to the apple juice, slice up your lemon, add cinnamon sticks and maybe some more cloves if you’re feeling spicy them warm it through and pour it through a strainer into cups and enjoy!

A really good festive drink for those who don’t drink alcohol, whether it’s through choice or necessity, when the mulled wine is being handed around.

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