Make it Monday: Dragon Eggs

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Make it Mondays are going to be fewer this year, which makes it funny that the first Monday post is a Make it, but my making things buddy visited over Christmas and we made these!

I follow @commasandampersands on Instagram and I got this idea from her! She has a full how-to on her blog over at Commas and Ampersands Blog. She started off making the eggs from A Song of Ice and Fire and she’s currently working her way through the eggs in the illustrated Harry Potter books. I love this idea and I want to do the same, but I have some other ideas first…

I ended up enjoying this far more than I ever thought possible! I just had it in my head I’d make an egg and have some fun, but once I started I kept going.

I do recommend that you do this in a well ventilated area though! Two – three coats of nail varnish on up to 100 pins is a lot of fumes…

20161223_111718 20161223_113713

We stuck our pins in book box boxes which was actually pretty useful, then having started from the bottom of the egg as per the tutorial, we changed our minds and started from the top instead. I liked how it looked that way around more. I have a small one that started from the bottom and a large one from the top so I look at them together whenever making a new one. I made a third from the top down, but then I ran out of pins…

20161223_114830 20161224_175440

With the red one I tried to alternate plain red and glittery red scales on my egg, but I ended up with stripes either way up the egg which just looked silly, so I sort of periodically put two the same together to keep them more random seeming. I’m not pleased with this method though, so next time I do a multi coloured egg I’m going to have less of one colour! I’m not sure quite how yet, but I guess I’ll work it out when I do it….

Next I’m going going to make a night fury egg! (How To Train Your Dragon)
I ordered 2 x 1200 pin tubs.
Should be enough, right?!

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