Book Stuff Sunday – My Bookish Crate – December 2016

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(You’ve been warned! If you don’t want to see the contents of this December My Bookish Crate box then look no further. )

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My Bookish Crate is a monthly UK based book subscription box. Each month you get a newly released book and 3-5 bookish items inside! For more information please go to their website here.

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In this box we got:

1. Mia Corvere candle inspired by Nevernight made by Meraki Candles
2. Fireheart necklace inspired by Throne of glass by MBC team
3. Kaz and Inej notebook from Six of Crows designed by Loweana (?)
4. Red Rising inspired art print by MBC team
5. A Darker Shade of Magic inspired tote by Nikki at alice.in.wonderbookland
6. Book of the month themed bookmark by MBC team
7. Scythe by Neal Shusterman



Honestly most of this box is a mystery to me! I’ve not read Nevernight, or beyond the first Throne of glass book or Six of crows or Red Rising or A Darker Shade of Magic and I haven’t heard of Scythe (though I have heard of Neal Shusterman and I’ve even read one of his books!!) I need to get a move in it seems, because he Throne of Glass item was another slap in the face spoiler! (one I’ve been confronted with previously that I’ve been ignoring…)

I’m ridiculously excited about the candle – low key obsessed with Meraki Candles! And even though I’m suddenly over run with totes I can’t seem to mind. (yay! more crochet project bags!)

Unfortunately my box this month was pretty squished, and my candle was damaged! – It’s only a dented tin, but it still makes me sad. I will find a way to fix this!

I’m also going to have to start thinking on a storage system for my prints! So many prints…

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  1. Leah R

    Umm, sorry this might be weird, but if you still have the bookmark would you please scan it or take a close up photo? I’ve been looking for that illustration without the words everywhere!

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