Book Stuff Sunday: Fairyloot – January 2017


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River Song knows the situation.
This is an UN-BOXING post.

We like stuff.
We LOVE book stuff like BOOK BOXES!
Join us on Sundays where we’re just bursting with excitement as we show off our new book stuff!
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Fairyloot is a monthly UK based book subscription box. Each box contains: a newly released book and between 3 and 6 bookish things.

jan theme fairy

In this box we got:

1. Funko Mystery Mini – Harry Potter or Game of Thrones
2. Exclusive Night Circus Cushion cover by Risa Rodil
3. Exclusive Come Back Yesterday candle by Meraki Candles (named by this months author)
4.How to Think Like Sherlock by Daniel Smith
5.Exclusive Rose Necklace by Oh Panda Eyes
6.Exclusive Alice in Wonderland Bookmark by Read At Midnight
7.Caraval by Stephanie Garber


My thoughts:

This box was fantastic! We got two books, TWO! I’ve seen Caraval about and it’s received fantastic ratings and much love but I honestly haven’t given it much thought. Speaking of which, who doesn’t want to think like Sherlock! I certainly would love to improve my memory, it’s the worst.
I think my least favourite item is the cushion cover. I am not a cushion person. I don’t know what to do with them. I might turn it into a bag! If none of my bookish cushion lover friends want it, of course.
The necklace makes me think of Beauty and the Beast but once I’ve read Caraval it might make me think of that instead, who knows?


The bookmark was double sided with such fantastic Alice in Wonderland quotes:

20170126_204259 20170126_204251

And my Surprise Funko was Headwig! So pleased it wasn’t Hermionie as I already have her:


And then there was my favourite item, the Meraki Candles candle. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be!


It was named by the author which is even more exciting and it smells of berry cocoa! I can’t wait to read the book(s)!

pam id pics paein


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