Book Stuff Sunday: Fairyloot – February 2017



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River Song knows the situation.
This is an UN-BOXING post.

We like stuff.
We LOVE book stuff like BOOK BOXES!
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FAIRYLOOT is a monthly UK based book subscription box. Each box contains A newly released book and between 3 and 6 bookish things

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In this box we got:

1. Exclusive full size Kalusian Sunset candle by Happy Piranha named by the author of the month
2. Rebel of the Sands pouch by Alisse Courtier
3. Baby Groot Guardians of the Galaxy keychain from Funko
4. Celestial Gunpowder bath bombBathing Beauties
5. Illuminae quote coaster by Read at Midnight
6. Space Girl bookmark by Till and Dill
7. Double sided Manon and Dorian (Throne of Glass) art print by Taratjah
8. Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhonda Belleza


My thoughts:

What a lovely box! Full of fandoms I really need to read! I should make a list…
Throne of glass, Illuminae….what else?

I’m sad that my candle doesn’t seem to have the scent pay off of other box candles I’ve received. Perhaps this is one I’ll need to burn to smell? As I may have mentioned I don’t like to burn my bookish candles!!

I’m pretty excited about Groot! Even if I never use him as a keyring – I loose keyrings with sad frequency unless they are fully metal and completely welded together. It’s a mystery.

I don’t know how excited I’ll be about the coaster and the double sided print until I’ve read the books they’re for! The coaster seems to be fantastic quality though and was troublesome to photograph! I also seem to now own a lot of work by Taratjah mostly in fandoms I’m behind in reading so I really should work on that. The thing is a lot are double sided and how the heck are you meant to choose a side?! Also you can’t label the back…if you happen to be obsessive like that…not that I am…

Unfortunately the bath bomb is not for me and will be passed on to someone who likes sitting in water.

And the book! I’m excited for this book! Maybe this one will be the one to get me over my book box book fear? hmmm

For a closer look at any of these items please check out my Instagram feed! I’m intending to put up one of those photo album posts with a closer look at each item. Wish me luck! haha
I hope for it to go up around the same time as this post….

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