Book Stuff Sunday: My Bookish Crate – February 2017

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River Song knows the situation.
This is an UN-BOXING post.

We like stuff.
We LOVE book stuff like BOOK BOXES!
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MY BOOKISH CRATE is a monthly UK based book subscription box. Each box contains A newly released book and between 3 and 6 bookish things. Unfortunately this is the penultimate My Bookish Crate and after the late March box (shipping early April) they will no longer be trading so you can’t sign up for them any longer.

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In this box we got:

1. Kell candle by Meraki Candles, inspired by Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab
2. Jace and Clary magnetic bookmarks by EpikPage inspired by The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
3. Two Alice in Wonderland notebooks (Alice and Cheshire) by T.J. Lubrano
4. Harry Potter Mystery Mini by Funko
5. Shades of magic inspired badges by the My Bookish Crate Team
6. Gilded Cage by Vic James


My thoughts:

Well, obviously my favourite item was the KELL candle. Not because I have any idea who Kell is – yet – but because I am obsessed with Meraki candles! (also the melting library candles but they’re American based and shipping is so much we rarely talk about them…) It also smells really good! It smells like chocolate, strawberries and lillies and for those of you wondering if it smelt similar to the Fairyloot “Come back yesterday” candle (cocoa, berries and musk) the answer is no. When I smelt Kell it reminded me of the other candle a lot, but smelling them next to each other, they smell very different. Both lovely though!

My mystery funko was Hagrid! So pleased to not have received any duplicates so far with these mystery guys. The notebooks are so pretty! and I’m so pleased the magnetic bookmarks have backs. Sometimes you get them with two fronts and not only is that creepy but how are you supposed to know which page they’re on? They’re on two because they’re facing both ways!

 I’d seen Gilded cage on Instagram but I’d not looked it up or any thing – I do try not to look books up too much now because then I want to buy all the things and I cant because I don’t know what’s coming in the book boxes! haha but this books seems interesting and I look forward to reading it!

If you’d like to see anything in this box in more detail then pleased head on over to Instagram. I’ll be posting a photo album post the same as last week to show you each item at about the same time this post goes live.

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