Book Stuff Sunday: Illumicrate – February 2016

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River Song knows the situation.
This is an UN-BOXING post.

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ILLUMICRATE is a quarterly UK based book subscription box. Each box contains A newly released book and between 3 and 6 bookish things!

Illumicrate Box #6

In this box we got:

1. Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones
2. Exclusive Bare Necessities Pouch by Literary Lifestyle
3.Exclusive Magic and Mischief Balm by Bookish Serendipity Co
4. Exclusive A Darker Shade of Magnets by Her Bookish Things
5. Exclusive Newt Scamander Bookmark by Jane’s Tiny Things

Extras include a Following Ophelia bookmark, a sneak peek of Flame in the Mist, a Gilded Cage postcard and an ARC of  Red Sister by Mark Lawrence.


My thoughts:

My first Illumicrate was #3 and it wasn’t my type of book. With so many other book boxes out there however, I was able to leave Illumicrate to Ms4Tune and explore some more that were more my style. I don’t regret the choice because I’ve had some fantastic boxes from  those other companies but they’ve wrapped up and I knew I’d missed some fantastic boxes from Illumicrate so it was beyond time to return. And I picked a fantastic month!
I just love this box!

I’ve been desperate to pre-order Wintersong for months! But as it could turn up in a book box, I’ve luckily resisted because here it is! I’m terrible with reading right now, but here’s hoping for time to read this in May! AND Red Sister! I’m not sure which I was most excited about to be honest, I didn’t realise there was ANOTHER series by Mark Lawrence due…I’m so behind, I’ve only read one of his books but I want to read them all! The quote on the front is fantastically deep and I want to know everything about it!

I’m also looking forward to Flame in the Mist and I’m not sure if a sneak peek is a good thing or not…
I’ve developed a love of pouches recently so this was good timing and no one can have too many lip balms. I have a box full to prove it! This one is going on the shelf with my other bookish ones though.
Magnets are far better than badges because you can stick them to things and walk off! Or just admire them…shall be adding these to my collections. Now that we have an indoor freezer too, it means so much more surface area to cover.

Lastly there is the Newt bookmark! Ah Newt with your deep quotes. I think this will have to live on my Harry Potter shelf. I’ll go add it now – gives me more of a reason to sort it out..

If you want to see close up’s to anything from this box then please click on over to my instagram, I’ll be putting up a gallery for this box at roughly the same time as this post goes live.

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