Book Stuff Sunday: Meraki Candle Box – February 2017

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This is an UN-BOXING post.

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The Meraki Candle Box is a monthly UK based fandom themed candle box. Each box contains 4 candles and some accompanying themed items. You cannot subscribe to it (mores the pity!), you have to order each box every month – generally at 12pm GMT on the first of the month from the Meraki Candles Etsy page. (I don’t really want to be telling you this in case it damages my chances of getting a box, I’m obsessed about these boxes, you have no idea…). The themes are announced each month on Instagram, usually two months ahead. (You buy them two months ahead too, so the next one to go on sale will be the MAY box)
In January, it was announced that they will be doing an anime quarterly box as well! More details can be found on the Meraki Candles Blog. The Etsy store has been shut for a bulk order but will be opening today at 12pm GMT with some new candles!

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In this box we got:

1. Imprint inspired by Twilight
2. Parabatai inspired by Shadowhunters
3. Mating Bond inspired by A Court of Mist and Fury
4. Carranam inspired by Throne of Glass
5. Snape inspired ALWAYS magnet
6. Parabati Oath notebook
7.Relationship Status Sticker
8. Rune Badge
9. Bookmark matching info card


My thoughts:

I’m sorry Heather, I really don’t think you’re ever going to top this box. It contains two of my three absolute favourite scents: violet and marzipan!

Here are the candle scents:

Imprint – Pine needles, fur and wood.
Parabatai – Violet, rose petal and apple wood
Mating Bond – cherry, marzipan and sugar
Carranam – cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla

I’m 100% in this for the candles so the extras inside are often forgotten, but I’m also really liking the design of this notebook! It might just loose it’s cover to my bullet journal or something…

I’ve been getting these boxes since November 2016 and I’m just loving them. I wasn’t sure about posting about this box on here as there’s no book, but they ARE book themed and this is Book STUFF Sunday, so expect to see more of these around! My next box is due now and I’m really excited!

As is now custom, if you wish to see anything more up close, please check my Instagram feed for the gallery of un-boxing photos that will go up at the same time as this post! (or, at least, I hope it will…Clocks just changed here and they don’t take it into account on the blog, so half the year we have to schedule an hour off…)

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