What’s In The Box Sunday: Nerdy Post – March 2017

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What’s this?! a New sunday post?!

Wall only a little. With UK book boxes on the decline we’re going to resort to non book boxes to keep these unboxing posts going. The boxes aren’t ALWAYS 100% book based (like the one featured today) so we felt Book Stuff was a bit of a stretch. Ms4Tune suggested we call it “WHAT’S IN THE BOX” and the post was renamed!

spoilers riversong

River Song knows the situation.
This is an UN-BOXING post.

We like stuff.
We LOVE book stuff like BOOK BOXES!
Join us on Sundays where we’re just bursting with excitement as we show off our new book stuff!
Please link back to our blog if you too are a lover of showing off stuff on Sundays.
Thank you!

NerdyPost is a monthly US based fandom subscription box. Each box contains An art print, a bookmark, an auto grade sticker and a sendable colour in post card as well as a few other items


In this box we got:

1.Moana Poster
2. Pocahontas Mini Print by allhaildesign
3. Rafiki Mini Print
4.Baymax Mini Print by alissecourter
5. Ariel Mini Print
6. Flynn Ryder Pocket Mirror
7.Wisp Sticker
8. Sleeping Beauty Magnet
9. Double Sided Bookmark
10. Sticker Sheet
11. Colour in Postcard
Tealight by Wickdom


My thoughts:

I’m sad to say none of my favourite quotes are in here! I understand that the point is to have things that are fun and different to all the other things out there, but usually there’s at least one quote. Perhaps it’s because this is a wider themed box than usual and there was just too much choice. Not everyone can be happy every month after all.
I do like the items in the box, but I just don’t LOVE them, the way I loved a lot of last months box. Well, I love the little card that came with the candle! But that’s technically not an item from the box… The candles is though! And it smells simply divine, I had to order one! Or two…they should be here soon and I can’t wait.

There’s so much in these boxes now! Extra prints and little extras and stuff. I think the sticker sheet is a fantastic idea to include several extra quotes you can’t decide on too! I was happy to see a Meg from Hercules quote on here, as well as one from The Emperor of China from Mulan,
And I’m so glad to have a magnet again! I miss them in every box they’re not in. Thankfully the bookmarks come as standard so I don’t have to worry about those coming and going.

I was surprised to see a Robin Hood quote in here! I forget about that film sometimes (The other side of the bookmark) and I still haven’t seen Big Hero 6 – the other side of the The Lion King Print, which I keep reading in Rafiki’s voice!
I also only JUST saw Moana but I don’t remember this quote, is it from the beginning?

Next month’s box is Middle Earth themed and I’m trying so hard to not remember my favourite quotes.One of them was discussed, about possibly being in the box, I hope it is!

As has become custom, for detailed pictures of each item (Depending on the light…) Please click on my instagram link on the navigation column (Right now this is found on the right hand side) for the photo gallery that will be posted about the same times as this post!

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