Top Ten Tuesday: Our Best And Worst Mums In Fiction

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s a Mothers Day Related Freebie and we’ve chosen Our Best And Worst Mums In Fiction, even though Mothers Day in the UK was the 26th March!


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1 Molly Weasley from Harry Potter – BEST

by JK Rowling

She may be on a lot of lists, but the reason I’ve chosen her isn’t because she took Harry in but because when both Ron and Harry came of age, she gave them exactly the right thing. (Someone else pointed this out and I agree) Ron – who has always had old hand me downs which have usually belonged to several other people first – was given a brand new watch. Harry – who has had everything new and sterile and nothing with history since he got to the wizarding world – got her brothers old watch. The perfect gift for both of them.
Also, she shouted at and duelled a death eater one on one and won…

2 Laura Avery from Fangirl- WORST

by Rainbow Rowell

Ok, so we see Laura from Cather’s point of view. But from what we see she’s not the best. Firstly, despite thinking it’s clever, I also hate what she did with her daughters names. She’s picked a name for a daughter and then had two, so instead of finding another name she split that name in two. Cather, Wren. Catherine. Whomever was born second (Wren?) is going to feel like she couldn’t even come up with her own name for her. Second, she left them. So there was other things going on that we may not know about, but she left them. I’m really not going to go into anymore detail because I’ve suddenly just started worrying about spoilers..

3 Queen Serenity from Sailor Moon – BEST

by  Naoko Takeuchi

So I don’t quite understand the storyline exactly. Possibly because it’s a Japanese show that was adapted from manga then translated into English and then had huge chunks cut out of it, but I loved it as a child and we’re going from my memories here. The Moon Kingdom is in peril and so the Queen sends her daughter, her friends/protectors and the boy she loves back in time to now – even though it seems like she sends them forward in time? (It might be to another dimension…) to keep them safe. But just in case she doesn’t send them far enough, she also sends them everything they’d need to fight the bad guys.
Oh, and I’m pretty sure she uses her own life force to do this…

4 Mrs Bennett from Pride and Prejudice – WORST

by Jane Austen

Oh Mrs Bennett. How much pain you have caused your daughters. Is it worse because you didn’t realise? I’m not sure. She says inappropriate things in the hearing of the wrong people and she’s quite, quite silly and encourages her youngest daughters to be just as silly as she.

5 Kiron from Dragon Jousters – BEST

by Mercedes Lackey

So this is a complete stretch, but most of the books I read don’t have mothers – or at least memorable mothers. What is with that?! I’ve never noticed before!! Anyway, Kiron steals himself a dragon egg and hatches and raises that little dragon until he can fly away with her. He looks after her and ok, yes, it’s like having a pet, but I’m pretty sure she thinks of him as mummy!

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      She really is! I don’k now any of the mothers on your list, I’m sorry :p

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      aww but I like your list! There are some on there that I really hadn’t considered! Matilda’s mother! Horrid woman

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