What’s In The Box: Mark The Page – ACOWAR box (May 2017)



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Mark the Page is a monthly Australian based book box. Each box contains a newly released book and 6 bookish things. This was a special box though and the theme was ACOWAR. The postage for this box was pretty high, but UK based boxes are slim on the ground right now and so I decided to use my book money for testing the waters.
The great thing about bi-monthly subscriptions and the like is that you spread the cost bet get everything all at once! June will be a busy box month. Why did I choose the themed box? I’ll let you guess…

mark the page acowar

In this box we got:

1. Velaris tea – Haley Avery
2. High Lord and High Lady bookmarks – Till&Dill
3. Exclusive perfume oil – Behind The Pages
4. Book boyfriend letter – Bookified
5. Exclusive Court of Dreams cushion cover – Marta
6. Inner Circle candle – Meraki Candles.
7. A court of Thorns and Roses colouring book
8. A Court of Wings And Ruin – Sarah J Maas


My thoughts:

This was a crazy exciting box to open and I’m undecided on this fandom still! (I’ve only read book 1 and I’m really confused about what’s going to happen). This box has, however, has caused me to cast aside almost all of my trepidation and now I feel like I’d rather like to get on with this series. I really want to know more about the Spring Court as this is my court now, according to the perfume lucky dip. (A little disappointing in that I think I’d have liked a Dream Court one, just for the name, HOWEVER it does smell lovely, and it looks like I haven’t used it which I totally have – plus it prompted me to go and buy up half of Gina’s perfume stock…) I also want to know who this Azriel guy is, because according to the candle lucky dip he’s my mate! And he smells divine…
I haven’t yet read the letter, because I need to read at least book 2 first so I’m saving that, and I can’t look at the colouring book properly without fining spoilers! I ran out of May days – I was considering slipping in this series if possible because the second one is blue. Never mind. Maybe in the summer, but more likely at Christmas…

I really enjoyed this box! But I feel it’s not a good representation of their work as it’s a one off box, so I’ve ordered the June box! Just to be through….and considering how excited this box made me, I’ve got my name down for a Tower of Dawn box….There are also rumours (totally confirmed) of a Godsgrave box! I’m already excited! I need to read Nevernight…

As is now custom, please check my Instagram for a photo gallery of the items in this box!

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