Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Book Recommendations For Those Looking Books That Look As Good As They Read


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s Top Ten book recommendations For Those Looking Books That Look As Good As They Read.


Nevernight the forgetting The wrath and the Dawn the rose and the dagger the star touched queen a crown of wishes the false prince

1 Nevernight

by Jay Kristoff

My review of this goes up tomorrow, so I don’t want to repeat too much, but this matches it’s cover nicely.
Seems plain on the surface, it’s slow to start, but when you look closer it’s far more complicated than it first appears.

2 The Forgetting

by Sharon Cameron

This is apparently book 1…huh.
This not only has a pretty dust cover, but the book underneath is pretty too!
I also recommend this story of course, because that’s the point of this list!

3 The Wrath and the Dawn/ The Rose and the Dagger

by Renee Ahdieh

I nearly gave up on this book, according to my review! Crazy, that I then add it to this list right? Well sometimes the best stories are the ones we don’t get right away.
I’m looking forward to re-reading these at some point, I never have. I think the hard covers are prettier than the paperbacks, but I have both because both are pretty.
Considering having a re-read year next year, if I do, I’ll certainly include this.

4 The Star Touched Queen/ A Crown of Wishes

by Roshani Chokshi

More companions than a series, they’re equally pretty and well written.
I’m still holding out for there to be another book is this world.
I want to know more! More legends and more of these characters. I do recommend that you read them in order however, there are some cross overs.

5 The False Prince

by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Maybe I just wanted an excuse to mention this book again?
Once you get over the slow start though, this book will woo you, I’m sure of it.
It’s a rare book that makes me want to read it again as soon as I’ve finished. I’ve already read it three times and I can’t wait to read it again! I can’t believe I nearly gave up on it the first time too.


sineater A Darker Shade final for Irene uprooted1 stolen songbird vessel

6 The Sin Eater’s Daughter

by Melinda Salisbury

I really enjoyed this fantasy series.
It may have been slow to start but it soon picked up and booooy did it throw some curved balls at me!
Nothing was what it seemed and I was always left excited to see what would happen next!
These covers though…. man are they pretty!

sineater The Sleeping Prince scarecrow queen

7 A Darker Shade of Magic

by V E Schwab

I actually prefered the American covers so here they are! Gorgeous aren’t they?
I haven’t actually read book 3 yet but I loved everything about the first two books.
The world, the characters, the drama! I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

A Darker Shade final for Irene A Gathering of Shadows Final A Conjuring of Light

8 Uprooted

by Naomi Novik

This book took me a while to get into but the writing was gorgeous – just like the cover!

9 Stolen Songbird

by Danielle L Jensen

Ok so the main character is really irritating but the story is interesting and has trolls in it!
To start with I thought the cover was a bit weird because it cuts off her head but there’s stills something really beautiful about this cover concept.
It makes you focus on the details.

10 Vessel

by Sarah Beth Durst

It’s been a while since I read this one but its still stuck with me.
The cover is gorgeous and I was really worried when I picked it up that it would be terrible because how could anything match up to that cover?
But it was amazing! I hadn’t read anything like it before and I was glad that there wasn’t much a romance in sight!

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  1. Louise

    Great topic! I’m a sucker for pretty covers and these are all stunning. I’ve been meaning to read Stolen Songbird, and The False Prince sounds really cool. Beautiful list this week!

    My TTT this week.

  2. AKBookworm

    Love this idea for the topic! I’ve only read the Wrath and the Dawn/The Rose and the Dagger, but they were great!

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