Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Hidden Gem Books in YA


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s Top Ten Hidden Gem Books in YA.


Faith and Moonlight The Dire King the hidden princess extracted starborn

Faith and Moonlight

by Mark Gelineau and Joe King
96 ratings

These guys were really clever. They have 4 different types of fantasy story all running together. A straight up fantasy, a ‘supernatural’ fantasy, a fantasy mystery and a YA fantasy that all inter connect. This is the YA fantasy storyline and you don’t really need to read the others for it to make sense. Haven’t heard anything from these guys in a while which is a total shame!

The Dire King

by William Ritter
143 ratings

Ok this is a little cheat, this hasn’t been out long but I think it was by far the best Jackaby book from the series. It really did some spectacularly unexpected things! It’s closer to a teen book than a YA but I’d say it was on the cusp and I can totally get away with it…

The Hidden Princess

by Cara Coe
335 ratings

This greatly reminded me of Graceling when I read it and I thought it was a great start to a series. I had a little problem with her powers…and the premise for book two so I never continued reading. I still enjoyed this first book though and the title was pretty cool too!


by Sherry D. Ficklin , Tyler Jolley
345 ratings

This book was a surprise. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all but it was good! A nice twist on the usual kind of storyline that comes with two sides of a ‘war’ like this. I can’t say any more or it will give away the grand reveal, sorry!


by Lucy Hounsom
577 ratings

I really enjoyed this story from what I remember. I got it from Netgalley so I was a little gutted that I had to wait forever for the sequel! Then, of course I forgot all about waiting for it and even of this books existence until this list today, so that’s something! I do remember thinking “wow” at the end of it though, so I really need to add it to my re-read list. According to my review, I really enjoyed the slow reveal that this book had going on.


song of the current The Secret to Letting Go forbidden game Chaos Rises shattered blue

6 Song of the Current

By Sarah Tolcser
915 Ratings

This book is quite new so probably explains the low number of ratings so far but I suspect it will be a big hit once it gets going. Its got Pirates and kick ass females in it to start with! I loved the way it was written and the sense of community that is at the heart of this story.

7 The Secret of Letting Go

By Katherine Fleet
199 Ratings

It’s been a while since I read this one, over a year at least so I’m surprised this one hasn’t been snapped up by more people. It was cute and funny and just a really great contemporary romance. I’m currently reading When Dimple Met Rishi and I would as ay that I get the same warm fuzzy feeling from both of these books so if you like When Dime Met Rishi, maybe you should try this one?

8 The Forbidden Game Trilogy

By L J Smith

Considering how old this series is I would have thought it had been read by everyone by now but sadly it has not. I absolutely loved this series when I was younger and I still love it now which I think shows that this series is worth a read.

9 Chaos Rises

By Pippa DaCosta
369 Ratings

OK so apparently I put this on my list last year too but serious how can only 173 people read it in that time? It’s probably my favourite of Pippa DaCostas books and a great start to a fantasy series. Hopefully more people will pick it up soon or I’ll be forced to add it again next year!

10 Shattered Blue

By Lauren Bird Horowitz
567 Ratings

I wanted to add this one because I’ve just got book two from Netgalley and it made me remember how much I enjoyed the first book. It kinda reminded me of The Iron King by Julie Kagawa but it’s a bit more gritty, like an indie movie in comparison to a Hollywood block buster. (I hope that makes sense). Either way I feel people should read this one if they get a chance.

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