Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books We’re Thankful For


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week it’s Top Ten Books We’re Thankful For


a game of thrones outlander the coldest girl in coldtown the blue sword Narnia

1 A Game of Thrones

by George RR Martin

Without these books we wouldn’t have the show and that would be some kind of tragic. I’m also really quite enjoying the books now that I’m listening to the audio books instead of trying to read them!
They’ve brought fantasy into mainstream and I look forward to what else comes out now too.

2 Outlander

by Diana Gabaldon

I’m only 2 books in and I’m questioning how much further I’m actually going to get because I really just want Jamie and Claire to be freaking happy dammat!
But it’s so well done, winding the history and romance together that it’s just amazing. It’s also reminded me that as a teenager I was set upon learning Gaelic to help prevent it slipping into forgotten language status. I never got very far, but I HAVE started again…time to redouble my efforts methinks.

3 The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

By Holly Black

I just love this book and I’ve re-read it multiple times. Sometimes I just read my favourite parts, sometimes I read it when I’m in a reading slump and it pulls me out again. Right now though, I’m a little scared to read it in case it doesn’t work for this slump I’m in…

4 The Blue Sword

by Robin McKinley

Not only is this a fantastic book, I’m pretty sure it’s the reason so many other books I love exists. So that’s something to be very thankful for!

5 The Chronicles of Narnia

by C S Lewis

I was trying to not re-cover books I always do, but I was really stuck so, yeah.
I’m thankful for these because from the books they made the dramatised audio books which I spent SO MUCH of my childhood listening to. I can probably even still quote full likes to you now. I listened to them so much the first tape of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader broke and I was stuck listening from side 3 of 4. For some reason it never occurred to me to ask my parents for a new one…
Of course a few years ago I hunted for them and found digital copies! I periodically cone across one or other of them in my playlists and listen to it, but it might be time to listen to them back to back again!


forbidden game the hobbit Twilight the girl you left behind mort

6 The Forbidden Game

by L J Smith

I read the Forbidden Games during my high school years and of all the books I read at this time, these are probably the ones that will stick with me forever. I’m thankful for this series because it introduced me to the idea of anti-heroes (before they were even a thing). Julian is nasty, manipulative, controling and arrogant and yet there was always something about him that made me root for him. A clever, twisted story that I still highly recommend. (Definitely better than her Vampire Diaries series).

7 The Hobbit

by JRR Tolkien

I love my dad to pieces but it wasn’t always easy for me and him to find something in common that we could enjoy doing together. I will always be thankful for The Hobbit as it was one of those things that we bonded over. He picked it up one evening and just started reading and, for what must have been months, he would sit down every night with me and read a little more. My dad is a great storyteller and always does the voices. Not an easy job considering there are 12 dwarves alone, in this book! Thank you The Hobbit for these wonderful memories.

8 Twilight

by Stephanie Meyer

Ok so hear me out before you judge! Twilight came at a time when I literally hadn’t read anything in about 4 years. I could never find anything that called to me, and I was stupidly under the impression that I’d grown up and it was necessary for me to read adult only fiction. That was until my friend handed me Twilight and said, just give it a try. And boom! I’ve never looked back since. Ok so I read a few adult books but only if they really call to me. I’m so appreciative of Twilight and how it showed me that adults can read YA fiction too.

9 All Jojo Moyes Books

I haven’t read a single Jojo Moyes book that I haven’t loved. Her writing, her characters and her plots call to me. I started with The Ship of Brides back in 2008 and have to say that although I love Me Before You (which literally had me sobing my heart out) I do prefer her historically based stories the best, because they just have that something special that has me on google researching historical events and I love that!

10 Mort

by Sir Terry Pratchett

Oh my days how my life would never have been complete if I hadn’t read this book. I loved everything from the quirkiness and the cleverness, to the amazing characters! If you haven’t read anything by Terry Pratchett yet then I would highly recommend it. He just had this sense of humour that shined through on every page! Enjoy!

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  1. Jessica Gwinup

    Could not agree more with Twilight! While I really do not like it anymore, I will always be thankful for it getting me into YA as a teen!

  2. liveforbroadway

    Yes! So many of these titles are everything. I love seeing The Forbidden Game series on a list–it’s so underrated. Of course, I love Outlander just as much (and in different ways)… basically, great post!

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