What’s In The Box: Book Box Club – November 2017



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River Song knows the situation.
This is an UN-BOXING post.

We like stuff.
We LOVE book stuff like BOOK BOXES!
Join us on Sundays where we’re just bursting with excitement as we show off our new book stuff!
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BOOKBOX CLUB is a monthly UK based book subscription box. Each box contains a gift-wrapped new YA book release chosen for its sheer brilliance, an invitation to their top-secret monthly online book club, hand-picked goodies created by crafty types and exclusive author content to bring you closer to the brains behind the books. It costs £27.99 a month, or £25 a month if you select a pre-paid multiple month option. UK postage is free, international posting will be additional.

This month’s theme is:

Haunted Minds

In this box we got:

1. The Memory Trees by Kali Wallace
2. Exclusive Heathcliff candle inspired by Wuthering Heights – JustFribble
3. Finch and Violet bath salts inspired by All The Bright Places – GlasgowSoapCompany
4.Raven Boys tea towl inspired by The Raven Boys – Book Box club
5. The Little Book of More Calm Colouring by David Sinden and Victoria Kay
6. 2018 new books preview


My thoughts:

(Gallery to go up on Instagram around the same time as this post)

Huh, I cleverly took a photograph of the TOP of the Jar with the candle in instead of the actual candle or even the label, oh well.
I got really excited when I saw the Tiptree Jam jar in here. I thought that was so unique! Jam in a book box! I was a little disappointed to see it was a candle, but it is an adorably cute candle and it smells quite nice too.

So usually I leave everything in the box until I’ve had a chance to photograph it, I don’t want to loose anything you see. But I started using the colouring book right away. I have others but this was better than them for one very special reason – the images had bigger sections and the images were less complex which was exactly what I was after to try and learn pencil control with my non dominant hand. I’m trying to learn to be ambidextrous, but you have to do things so differently! It’s great fun.

These bath salts made this box smell FANTASTIC! usually I pass on bath products as I don’t like baths but I might keep this around for a bit….

This is the second tea town I’ve received in a book box! And I don’t know what to do with it…Use it is the obvious answer. Aww maybe as a cover when I leave cakes to cool! Sorted.

The title of the book makes me think of The Forgetting, just for the tree image and the memory connection, but it sounds like an interesting book! I’d say “I hope to read it soon” but I have a WHOLE ENTIRE SHELF of unread book box books. Perhaps that’s a goal for next year.

This was a dangerous box. I was on Etsy, linking in the shops and I may have bought some products from both JustFribble and the GlasgowSoapCompany. I’ll certainly be visiting them again!

I liked this box and I hope I enjoy the book when I get to it!

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