What’s In The Box: Nerdy Post – December 2017

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River Song knows the situation.
This is an UN-BOXING post.

We like stuff.
We LOVE book stuff like BOOK BOXES!
Join us on Sundays where we’re just bursting with excitement as we show off our new book stuff!
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NERDYPOST BOX is a monthly US based fandom subscription box. Each box contains a 8.5″ x 11″ High Quality Print,  Auto Grade Sticker,  Double Sided Velvet Bookmark and a Colour in Postcard along with a few of the following: buttons, mini prints, notebooks, sticky notes, temporary tattoos, koozies, coasters, magnets, lapel pins, and more! Each box costs roughly £10 ($13.95) plus postage. Each month you also get the option to also receive a T-shirt matching the theme through Nerdy Tee’s or you can get both with a nerdy combo!

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In this box we got:

1. Print – Magicians Nephew
2. Mini print by @webandmoss – Wardrobe (TLTWATW)
3. Info card – Magicians Nephew
4. Badge – The Horse and his Boy
5. Sticker by @riddlesteashoppe – Voyage of the Dawn Treader
6. Bookmark side 1 – Magicians Nephew
7. Bookmark side 2 – The Silver Chair
8. Necklace – Lamppost (TLTWATW)
9. Mini mug Rug drawn by @kristinaskland – Aslan
10. Postcard – Mr Tumnus (TLTWATW)


My thoughts:

I was really excited for this box as I love Narnia, but it’s not one of my favourite boxes.
I’m not sure if it’s because we have three The Magicians Nephew (my least favourite) quotes and no Prince Caspian quotes (my favourite) or if it’s to do with the fact they’re changing things Starting from January it’s going to be a lot more fixed in content and there will be 2 new levels of box. I know that this decision helps them and is was the results of the survey said the majority wanted but for me it’s taken away a lot of the excitement and mystery.
It could be either reason. But onto the content!

I’m so pleased there is a Puddleglum quote! I didn’t recognise it at first, which is embarrassing as I love Puddleglum…That’s this side of the bookmark.
The necklace sounds clever, you wear it at an angle – the Lamppost is on it’s side – and I don’t think I want to use a mug rug, what if it gets wet?! What can I use this for instead?

Repicheep was a favourite character when I was younger so it’s nice to see a sticker about him. I think he’s one of those not-quite under-appreciated characters. You know, when everyone under-appreciates them except for the readers?
The prints are all well done, but none of them stand out for me this month.
And I really need to catch up on my colouring in!

Net month is Disney Villains. This is the first box with the new set ups, detailed on their website or next months post!
If you order at the time of this blog post publishing your first box will be ‘Fictional Boyfriends’.

(Gallery to go up on Instagram around the same time as this post)

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