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Top Ten Tuesday: authors I own the most books of



Hello! and welcome to another top ten tuesday, Hosted for us by http://www.brokeandbookish.com/

Please find below a guesstamate of my authors below:


59 Nora Roberts

I love how she writes the characters of her trilogy books. Especially the men. Want one of those.

50 Mercedes Lackey

I was surprised I had so many of her books actually. I love her Valdemar series. I have a few trilogies too, but getting your hands on the first books of other series of hers is a little difficult…

46 Sherrylin Kenyon

I’ve not read any recently, but I’m still collecting. I don’t like the recap. Last time I started, excited for Styxx I paused halfway through a book. I will have to force myself to return and I hate that. Much longer though and I’ll have forgotten again, what I was rereading to remember

29 Tamora Pierce

I love both of her worlds and own most if not all from each set. Fantastic story telling and I’m going to keep reading them even as I get older

20 Lynsay sands

I haven’t read these in a while. Originally borrowed from a friend, I’ve been collecting them to re read them

16 J R Ward

I’ve been collecting both series but by far prefer the Black Dagger Brotherhood ones. Cant wait for the next!

13 Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson! Who knew there were so many of them. More re reading to go on here

12 Laura Adrian

Yet more re reading! And the irst 4 books don’t match the others, which tears my soul every time I see it

11 Kerrelyn Sparks

It all started with a free book. I need to catch up with these again

8 J K Rowling

Harry Potter! Far superior than the films. I need to read her new things.



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