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Review – Divine Scales

By Jennifer Blackstream


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“I saw you that night, Climbing the ropes to the ship with the sailor holding onto your back. Having seen that, I can tell you that you are not helpless. I don’t think you could ever be helpless.”
“Thank you.”  – 51%

Thank you to Jennifer Blackstream for providing me with a copy in exchange for a review.

Title: Divine Scales
Author: Jennifer Blackstream
Book: 4 of Blood Prince
Genre: Adult, paranormal
Found: Series
Rating: 4.5 voodoos

This is the ‘The Little Mermaid’ one!

Patricio is the 4th prince of our miss matched crew to find love, a Cursed Angel. Heir to the throne of Meropis, a kingdom he was not born to and the bearer of a cruel curse; he lives in a form of isolation. Charged by the Gods to bring sinners to justice, his mighty sword sends his targets to the next world with clean souls, leaving their families struck by a glamour forcing them to be beyond thankful to have that particular family member gone, no matter how much they may have loved them. Detesting this false gratitude, he scorns anyone who befalls it.
Marcela is a Princess of the merpeople and like all of her siblings she takes her turn with every duty, treating every one with the appropriate seriousness for each task. Charged with protecting the sailors of their seas and helping ships under distress she rushes to the aid of a floundering ship during a storm, only to witness their Prince tumble into the sea.  After saving Patricio’s live she is unfortunate enough to get tangled up in his curse which influences her next decisions, ironically leading the Prince to save HER from drowning. But she can’t stay cursed forever, Patricio is in for a rude awakening!

I love these stories. I love them because they’re fairytale retellings. I love them because they are different and I love them because they are intriguing.  I was glad that Marcela didn’t stay under the curse long, though perhaps this was the true payment to the sea witch as she didn’t seem to mind her lack of voice much. And it was nice that Patricio was more narrow minded than arrogant, it made his seeing his own faults happen so much more smoothly. Does that give things away? I don’t really think so.

Like Princes before him, he was visited by other members of the gang who gave him a good talking to, but will he pay any attention if the one speaking to him is the Demon? I love how they just get involved with each others lives now and the main prince is almost spluttering in the corner as if to say ‘MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!’ but sometimes men need a nudge.

(Also, if that’s how you make an angel, that’s interesting.)

My major complaint is that it wasn’t longer; while I appreciated not hanging around with needless filler, a little more back story on the characters would have been nice, then I wouldn’t have accidentally found the end so fast. Though I’m guessing book 5 will round off the series and perhaps we’ll get a lot more how where why and when. Though as I didn’t have the patience for a recap, there is the possibility I forgot something….

And the next one’s the heavy hitter folks, we finally find out what that pesky tree is really up to!

I want to read it now, but then it will all be over and that’s bad. I will have to savour it all by starting from the beginning again!! Good plan, mmhmmm, yes.


Totally obsessed with mermaids right now. Blame this book!!!!!



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