What’s In The Box: Nerdy Post – May 2018

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River Song knows the situation.
This is an UN-BOXING post.

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NERDYPOST BOX is a monthly US based fandom subscription box. There are now 4 box options:
NERDY POST LITE -  8.5″ x 11″ high quality print, a mini print, an auto grade sticker,  double sided velvet bookmark and a colour in postcard.  $9.95 plus shipping
NERDY POST – ABOVE, plus:  lapel pin and 2 bonus items (Example: Coaster, Notepad, Sticky notes, Extra mini print, Magnetic bookmark, etc)  $13.95 plus shipping
ULTIMATE NERDY POST -  ALL ABOVE plus: possible extra bonus item and 2 larger items (Example: Mini Candle, Tote Bag, Zipper pouch, Scarf, Jewellery, etc) $22.95 plus shipping
NERDY TEES: JUST the T-shirt $15.95 plus shipping
NERDY COMBO: Either Nerdy Post or Ultimate Nerdy Post and Nerdy Tees $-varies  plus shipping

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In this box we got:

1. PRINT – Star wars
2. BOOKMARK side 1 – Firefly
side 2 – Enders Game
3.MINI PRINT (There are no limits…) – Fringe
4. STICKER – Doctor Who

6. MINI PRINT (you deserve…) Illuminae
card 1: – Doctor Who, designed by @dakotahblackart
card 2: Star Wars designed by @dakotahblackart
card 3: The Hitchhikers guide to the Galexy
card 4: Red Rising
8. LAPEL PIN – The Martian created by @lapelyeah
9. KEYRING – The Martian

10.FOIL MINI PRINT – Westworld
11. PILLOWCASE – Doctorwho, Starwars, Firefly, Gardians of the Galaxy
12 MINI CANDLE – Star Wars created by @geekygirlscents


My thoughts:

Wow! SO much great stuff!
I liked this box a lot more than some of the other ones recently. I don’t know whether that’s because I actually like Sci-Fi more than I realised or if it’s because it was an Alexis heavy box (which I love) but it’s great either way.

This box has several Star Wars items, let us count them (so that I can talk about them all together) the main print – Such a lovely quote, one of the postcards in the pack – Crait, haha very funny. You can even use them as postcards!! And the candle, it smells of fresh bamboo, Musk and Wroshyr trees and it’s totally glittery!
And, or fourse, the Millennium Falcon features on the pillowcase. Actualyl when I first opened the box I was pretty excited, but when I unfolded it I found that there were 3 other fantastic ships on there too and that was even better!

Next up is Doctor Who I think. A great Doctor Who quote for the sticker, a beautiful Gallifrey postcard from the pack and also a feature on the pillowcase with the TARDIS!

Next is The Martian tied with Firefly. The Martian has a hilarious key ring and a nice pin. Firefly has a funny quote on one side of the bookmark (Science fiction) which is easily my favourite side! and Serenity is on the pillowcase! The final ship on the pilowcase is Milano from The Guardians of the Galaxy. 4 fantastic ships! I can’t pick a favourite. No, wait, I can! The TARDIS of course, time AND space.

The other two postcards are MAGRATHEA!! from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy which I recently finished listening to via audio book and Valkyrie Spires from Red Rising which I’m yet to read.

The other two mini prints “There no limits…” from Fringe (have I seen this?) and “Time to write…” from Westworld (I haven’t seen this) are great too, but I can’t place them so they aren’t as exciting.

A very enjoyable box! Now I need to go and put everything away and wait for the Fierce Females June box!

(Gallery to go up on Instagram around the same time as this post)

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