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Make it Monday – Mint Chocolate Chip Cake


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So it’s that time of year, the time of year when everywhere you look there is a birthday. My brother’s was one of them and I made this cake for him.

Mint chocolate chip is one of his favourite ice cream flavours and he loves after eights (these are chocolates filled with a mint fondant type stuff). Which is particularly odd as he hates mint toothpaste, but anyway!

I originally found it on pinterest, which linked me to the blog below:


First step was to translate the recipe into English:

2 cups sugar = 425g
1 ¾ cups flour = 265g
1 cup cocoa powder = 120g (give or take, I added extra on top but then I always like to)
1 cup milk = 240ml
½ cup oil 120ml
¾ cup boiling water 200ml
2 sticks butter = 226g
1/3 cup heavy cream 80ml (I used extra thick, but possibly just double would have worked better)
2oz chopped chocolate 225g
4cups icing sugar = 520g
(and I only found peppermint flavourings so I added more till it tasted right)

Now this was an interesting cake to eat. Liking neither mint choc chip nor chocolate cake, surprisingly the experience was far from unpleasant. Not my choice of cake to be sure, but my brother seemed to enjoy it however and considering it was for him, that’s the only reaction that truly matters.



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