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Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.
It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.
This weeks topic is Top Ten Hidden Gems


I…don’t know if these are classed as ‘hidden gems’ but to be honest I’ve got a two-pill migraine right now and it’s the best I’ve got…

1 Acid 

by Emma Pass

This book has been on my favourites shelf for years but honestly I don’t really remember what it’s about! Clearly I thought enough about it for it to make it there so I’m going to be re-reading it. In the mean time, I’m including it in this list.

2 The Coldest Girl in Cold Town

by Holly Black

The Cruel Prince is quite big news these days and EVERYONE is waiting for The Wicked King but not nearly enough people have read The Coldest Girl in Cold Town. You need to read it. Many times.

3 Forget You

by Jennifer Echols

Another long time favourite-shelf resident. I remember what this one is about though, even if I’m not sure why I liked it so much. I recall it was an adorable story and I really need to re-read this one too.

4 The False Prince

by Jennifer Nielson

Oh boy. I can see why this can be missed. First read through can be a little meh, but before you give it up for a DNF – you MUST read chapter 42!! The whole series does this really clever thing that just blows my mind every time I re-read them!

Echoes of the Ascended Series

by Mark Gelineau & Joe King

So this is one big series encompassing 4 smaller series with varying types of fantasy genre. Sound confusing? Well it’s actually really clever. What was fantastic about it was that my favourite two were completely different to Ms4Tunes favourite two – sometimes we have very different reading tastes and this series covered us both quite well. There’s been a bit of a break with this series but hopefully it will be picked up again soon!


I’ve hardly read anything this year and what I have read has been big hits for guarenteed entertainment so I’ve decided to choose my hidden gems from Cassie’s book collection. My daughter is 16 months and we read everyday – these are the hidden gems we’ve discovered together so far…

6 Chicken Little

by Oakley Graham

There are many editions of Chicken Little but this adaptation has been the most entertaining for us and isn’t widely known, it seems. The illustrations are bright and simple, the illiteration and repetition easy to follow and, if you read it like we do, trying to say it all in one breath, it is very amusing to a child.

7 Polly Parrot Picks a Pirate

by Peter Bentley

Such a lovely rhyming book about a Parrot who is fed up of living on an island with monkeys so decides to look for a pirate so she can sail the seas.
But it’s hard finding the perfect one.

8 The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight

by Eli Woollard

A heart warming rhyming book about a young dragon who is sent out to eat a Knight and ends up making a new friend instead.

9 The Farmer’s Away! Baa! Neigh!

by Anne Vittur Kennedy

Ok this ones an odd one. Its basically just animal noises. There isn’t a written story at all but you can follow the antics of the animals, using the pictures, as they explore in the farmers absence. As my daughter can’t talk yet but she can make a few animal noises this one is perfect for us. I just point at the different animals and we make the noises together. It’s cleverly done so it rhymes too!

10 My Friend Bear

by Jez Alborough

I love this one. Freddy and Bear are scared of each other but when they find out they both feel lonely and sad they decided to befriend each other and have a lovely day.

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  1. Maggie

    I’ve been meaning to read The Coldest Girl in Coldtown forever! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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