Book_Roast’s O.W.L.s Reading Challenge

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Are you ready to choose a wizarding career and study for your O.W.L.s?
Keep reading for the most magical reading challenge ever!

Ok, so this challenge is actually month-long, so I’m a little late to the game, but I didn’t know it existed until last week! Then I had to assess if it was possible for me to jump in so late!
How did I hear about it? From readbyzoe on youtube, in her first week update video! I was blown away and I wanted in!

First, I thought I’d have to go for the easiest option, joining in late. But then Zoe talked about becoming an Unmentionable in the Department of Mysteries at the Ministry of Magic and I liked that plan far better. Particularly as I’ve nicknamed my department at work The Department of Mysteries (we even have a sign at the top of the door) because apparently ICT is a mystery to so many people. The added bonus was that the 1 and a half books I’d got through already this month, counted towards the 5 I needed. What Luck!

Somewhere around here, I headed on over to Book Roast‘s channel to watch her announcement video, because it’s always great to hear it from the source!
And what’s even better than a Harry Potter O.W.L.s reading challenge?!
The fact that it will be followed by N.E.W.T.s in August! How you do in your O.W.L.s effects your N.E.W.Ts etc.
It’s so amazing!
Not to mention the stunning Careers booklet she designed all by herself and is offering for FREE download  via google docs – the link is in the description of her announcement video.
You will probably want to print this on lovely parchment paper, you have been warned.

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The idea behind this challenge is that you read the booklet and choose your career, then you look at the O.W.L.s required.
Then you consult the ‘advised revision topics’ which is found in the other download, the O.W.L.s prompts one, to find your prompts.
Then you simply read a book that fits these prompts.

What’s great is that I’ve pulled some books off my self that have been there a while and I hadn’t thought to read any time soon – even if all the books I want to read RIGHT NOW also count.
The reading challenge officially ends at the end of the month, but I might just cover the other subjects to read those books because that’s just great fun!

I do feel like I’ve cheated a bit, because I’ve gone for short ones to make sure I can get them in, and I’ve been mostly going for audiobooks…I think that I might just make sure to have some doubles, so I don’t heel so guilty! Here are my photographs from my Instagram post:

magicalreadathon1 magicalreadathon2 magicalreadathon3 magicalreadathon4
Windwich and Six of Crows I’ve already listened to and they count towards my first two exams.
I wanted to read Bloodwitch next, but that counts towards the same subject as Six of Crows so I will have to wait and read at least one other thing first.
Next is possible adult books.
Third is books beginning with R – but I’m currently listening to Ruby in the Smoke
And finally, books older than 10 years.
Well, I’ve read the manga, but I’ll maybe also read some of my Zodiac books too!

And these are books I think fit the rest of the prompts. Once I’m happy I’ve covered the other 5 satisfactorily, I will be looking to cover these too – in order of my favourite subject – not by book!

I look forward to continuing with this challenge throughout April and picking up the N.E.W.T.s in August.
I don’t quite understand how they work yet, but I’ll be watching the playlist Book Roast made of last years videos.
I’m a little sad that a lot of events are taking place on Twitter only, as I’m not a fan of the site, but never mind.

So Now I need to go and make a bullet journal page because why wouldn’t I?! And maybe Later I may even make it it’s own page in the challenge section of this website to keep track and prepare for August!
(Once I do, the link will be available here, or alternatively via the challenge heading on the right hand menu of this website.)

Had you heard of this challenge before and are you participating?
What career did you choose, or would you choose?
Will you join now – late like me? Or wait till next year?!

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