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Make it Monday – Body Butter



This stuff is actually pretty amazing if you have sun burn; step in the shower and make sure to leech out the heat (after all, sun burn is a BURN and should be treated as such) Once the heat has gone from your skin, apply this. It will draw out any extra heat instead of sealing it in as many other creams do and turn the pink to tan. This has worked on both my mother and I.
This is another find from Pinterest, the original can be found HERE. Below I have detailed my own attempt.

First you will need the ingredients listed in the link above


(I have callendula oil too. If you’ve heard of the stuff you’ll know it’s a healer and good for the skin) Once you have everything you need, you’ll need to measure it out. I put mine into the bowl of my mixer and to melt the shea butter and coconut (Which was almost melted in the heat anyway) on the side of our aga (this is a form of cooker that is always on).

    20140730_130502                20140730_130623

20140730_130719                  20140730_171457

Then you add the almond oil. This amount of liquid oil cannot change. if you want to add some other oil, take out some of the almond oil. Then add your scents. Once you’ve done that, you need to put it somewhere to cool. I chose the fridge, it takes longer but I had to be somewhere and actually ended up leaving it longer than perhaps required as it looked like the second picture below and not the one in the above link.

20140730_171529 20140730_171702 20140731_095315

Then you whisk it! With a whisk or whisk attachment. For longer than you think. Then a bit longer.

   20140731_095755    20140731_110833

And once you’re done, it’s kind of like whipped cream or mouse. and will then look like this! (I may have used some…):




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