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Throwback Thursday: Carrot Cake

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I’m not usually a fan of carrot cake. It tends to involve brain shaped nuts that are totally gross.

Now, why have I put two books as the feature if this post you ask? Well, the recipe for the CAKE that I use is in one book and the recipe for the ICING is in the other. (CAKE MAGIC has a carrot cake tray bake which is the cake recipe and BAKING MAGIC has carrot cake cupcakes which is the icing, only doubled as it has to go further) One has nuts (cup cakes,yuck) and the other has no nutmeg (traybake, such a scandal!)!! so I’ve amalgamated the two into one and have noted it all down the margin. When ever I make this cake, it’s a case of blink and you’ll miss it. Below are my edits:

TWO tsp nutmeg added to the recipe
TWO tsp cinnamon instead of 1. More cinnamon than nutmeg
(no nuts!!!!)

I put the mix in two round cake tins, to make a layer cake that will have cream cheese icing inside and all around.

Then for the topping I take one tub on Sainsburys so organic cream cheese (tastes so much better than anything else I’ve found) and a small tub of mascapone, mix them together then add honey to taste.

Then I blink and have to go make another one…




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