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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that other bloggers are welcome to join in, to create Top Ten lists on varying topics. This week, Top Authors I’ve Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More


Ms4Tune suggested we share the post today and I was excited, thinking the usual 5 each would make it so much easier for me, but ooh no! So, my list may not be ones I NEED to read more of, but I certainly mean to. This post has caused me to discover books I didn’t realise existed too. Dangerous times.

1. Alexandra Bracken

Currently reading The Darkest Minds, so this is a little cheat because when I get to the end I will probably NEED book 2! It’s nothing like The 5th Wave, but my mind informs me this is clearly what it was trying to be, stupid brain, you know nothing! I can see one of two things happening at the end of this book and I really hope I’m wrong.
Other books by this author I plan to read are:
16150830 16150831

2. Erika Johansen

The Queen of TheTearling, ok, I know I’ve brought it up again and I was really planning to steer away from the usual suspects, but it’s so true. I really hope that she keeps writing other books once this series is done. NEED MORE!!
Other books by this author I plan to read are:

There currently are none, but her series link can be found HERE

3. Marie Rutkoski

The Winners Curse is another recent favourite, but I intend to read the series through and any others by this author that tickle my fancy. I can’t say I’ll try it all ’cause unfortunately I seem to have a limited taste. BUT I NEED THE NEXT ONES SO BAD!
Other books by this author I plan to read are:

The Winner’s Crime and 10356760

4. Rosamund Hodge

I read Cruel Beauty when it came out and while it was an odd retelling of Beauty and the Beast, it was also remarkably clever. They weren’t so different after all…
Other books by this author I plan to read are (both currently coverless and despite having a blurb, one is also nameless too!):

Crimson bound and Untitled


5. David Levithan

While Two Boys Kissing  was nothing like I expected, I felt it still had an important message. And as it was one I was happy to be behind, I decided to read another book by the author to see if I could find what I’d been originally looking for.
Other books by this author I plan to read are:
23228  13262783

6. Diana Wynne Jones

I watched the Ghibli film before reading the book, so I’m not sure how much I actually like Howls Moving Castle as a book, though as the characters apparently make cameos in the rest of the series I hope to read them too.
Other books by this author I plan to read are:
1017777 3267466

7. Julia Golding

I read Dragonfly some time ago and it has been dutifully making the rounds with my friends. Thanks to todays blog however, I’ve discovered a partner book for it! set in the same world? Will old characters come to light? Only one way to find out! NEED
Other books by this author I plan to read are:
10564967 744321

8. Tammara Webber

I loved Easy. I’m not even sure I remember why exactly, but I’m pretty sure it was because they both needed each other just as much. I will find out again however, as while looking this up I discovered a…sister book? The story from HIS point of view. NEED to read that…
Other books by this author I plan to read are:
17936925 11262424

9. Victoria Hanley

Read The Seer and the Sword YEARS ago, from the library. Took me a while to remember the name but I FINALLY got my hands on it. Only to have it sit on a shelf for years. (Apparently this is called Tsundoku – The practice of buying a bunch of books and then not getting around to reading them) I leant this one to a friend and we were talking about it, she said she felt it ended abruptly and asked if there were more. So I checked and discovered the answer was yes! Oh dear, NEED.
Other books by this author I plan to read are:
1457535 2987387

10. Emily Gee

I must have read The Sentinal Mage when it first came out, I’ve spent ages waiting for book 2, Though I swear I searched for it but a few months ago. Book 3 is due out soon! NEED THEM!
Other books by this author I plan to read are:
18769734 23203122





As there are so many authors out there that I’ve enjoyed and yet only read one book from, I’ve tried to get a good spread of Genres and Adult/YA, by choosing a few of my favourite genres for categories.

1. David Nicholls

I read One Day in January 2012. It’s not a conventional romance as the main characters spend most of the book NOT together but you hope that at some point they will. They are not always likeable but I think I liked that more because it made them feel more real. Not everyone is perfect. This book left me heart broken and tearful for ages afterwards.

Other book’s by David Nicholls (that I plan to read some day) are:

Us   starter for ten

2. Stephanie Perkins

I’ve read Anna and the French Kiss which was ridiculously cute and easily one of my favourite YA romances. It was simple and had a good mix of funny and awkward moments.

Other book’s by Stephanie Perkins (that I plan to read some day) are:

lola  isla

3. Sarah Fines

Sanctum was my recent buddy-read and while there was a little too much emphasis on the romance there was no question that this was an enjoyable read. Sarah Fines had created a really interesting world and tackled a very difficult subject… what happens after you commit suicide?

Other book’s by Sarah Fines (that I plan to read some day) are:

fracture    chaos    of metal

4. Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong has written numerous paranormal books, both for adults and for younger audiences, and yet I have only read The Summoning. I read this back in June 2012 and have been meaning to read the rest of her young adult series, Darkest Power but just haven’t got round to it. I’d also like to read her adult series Women of the Otherworld.

Other book’s by Kelley Armstrong (that I plan to read some day) are:

awakening gathering bitten

5. Sarah Beth Durst

I read Vessel in 2012 and fell in love with Sarah Beth Durst’s writing. She spun a beautiful tale with such a wonderfully vivid world. Sadly Vessel was a stand alone so I can only hope that some of her other stand alones are just as amazing.

Other book’s by Sarah Beth Durst (that I plan to read some day) are:

 drink,slay ice

6. Danielle L. Jensen

I enjoyed Danielle’s debut novel, Stolen Songbird sooo much that I can not wait to see what she can do next.

Other book’s by Danielle L. Jensen (that I plan to read some day) are:

hidden huntress

Contemporary YA
7. John Green

I have such a love for Looking for Alaska. I read this in 2011 and it still makes my heart hurt thinking about it.

Other book’s by John Green (that I plan to read some day) are:

fault in  paper towns

8. Courtney Summers

Now, Cracked Up To Be was an odd book. The main character wasn’t at all likeable but some how I still found myself loving this book. I can only assume that it was Courtney Summers writing that made this possible. Either way I really want to read more of her books.

Other book’s by Courtney Summers (that I plan to read some day) are:

 some girls  this is not

Adult Fiction
9. Lucy Dillon

As one of those supermarket £1 pick ups, I wasn’t expecting very much from Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts when I picked it up, and yet… I found Lucy Dillon’s writing really engaging and soo funny. There were many characters and they were all loveable in their own way. And the dogs… so many humorous antics… who doesn’t love a little bit of an adorable dog and their clueless owners. I think at least two of the books below are also about pets and their owners.

Other book’s by Lucy Dillon (that I plan to read some day) are:

secrets  walking  pieces

10. Kate Morton

Ok, so this was a complete surprise to me because, at the time, I wasn’t sure I would like Historical romance/mystery but I found The Forgotten Garden really intriguing. I read all of its 648 pages in 3 days because I needed to know what happened. I’m hoping that some of her other books with be just as good.

Other book’s by Kate Morton (that I plan to read some day) are:

secret keeper  rivertonpamsms4tune




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