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Review: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

by David Levithan and Rachel CohnNick and Norah


“When is a night over? Is it the start of sunrise or the end of it? Is it when you finally go to sleep or simply when you realize that you have to? When the club closes or when everyone leaves?” p.170

Isn’t it strange to find other people have pondered the same silly little things of life that you have?

Title: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
David Levithan and Rachel Cohn
Genre: Young
 adult/New Adult
Found: Paein’s bookshelf :)
Rating: 5 Voodoos

There were so many little things in this beautiful book that reminded me of times during my college and uni years. I think it is such a special moment when you read a line in a book, written by a complete stranger, at a completely different moment in time and yet you feel a connection.

One of my favourites was this:

“I think Tris will like this band, and the fact I know this stabs me again, because all the knowledge of what she likes is perfectly useless now.” p.5

I think this was so beautifully put… I don’t think there are many people that won’t understand this statement because if you have experienced any kind of lose you have at some point realised this exact fact. THAT knowledge is now completely redundant.

I loved so much of this novel. It’s short but so well put together. Each chapter is the alternate Point of View (POV) so you see each situation from both Nick and Norah’s POV, and it works really well. I think Rachel Cohn (Norah’s chapters) and David Levithan’s (Nick’s chapters) writing styles complement each other well and help with clearly separating the voices of the two characters. I have read a few books that use this technique and I don’t think any of them did this as well and many left me confused or irritated and having to flick back to the beginning of the chapter to find out whom the chapter was about. I wish I had read this back when I was a teen, feeling dejected and anxious that I would never get over my ex or meet another guy… because this book shows hope. Hope in the fact that there are other people and it only takes a moment to change everything. I know this now but I may have found comfort from these pages…

This was such a light and beautiful story, yes it is told in that annoying teenage continuous drama, self-absorbed, angsty voices, as other reviews have pointed out but I think it helps make the characters more believable and true to the characters age range. And if anything it gives the humour that lovely sarcastic edge.



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