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Throwback Thursday – Curly Girl: The Handbook

by Lorraine Massey, Michele Bender

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I think the whole process would be more accurately named ‘natural method’ rather than ‘curly girl method’ because even though it covers waves too, ‘wavies’ may not class themselves as ‘curlies’ and what about the straights? Natural Texture is certainly the best idea for healthy hair.


So by now you may have guessed I Have curly hair. Very curly hair it appears, with at least a 5 inch bounce back (this means  when you pull a curl down it lengthens by an extra 5 inches.) but back before I had adopted and adapted the curly girl methods found within the pages of this book my hair was a far more relaxed shade of curl. In fact you could say I had a cap of almost straight bits before waves and curls started towards the ends of my hair.

The book details rough methods for each different curl type and I have to admit I can’t cope with the not washing out all the conditioner. I need to wash it all out, then put a load back in.
It also runs through many curly journeys, years of people straightening their hair (guilty!) then realising it was curly and leaving it be and suddenly they had glamorous curls etc, and it has sections on curly men and curly children.
My favourite section was on how to maintain your own hair. I cut it myself anyway (mainly because it was frizzy due to dye damage and I was annoyed with it), but this told me how to do it properly. It recommends that you still see a hair stylist and even has a section for them to read, it’s more for a general maintenance between styles and how to keep your ends looking amazing.
I think this book is worth a read by everyone struggling with their hair. We’ve all become far too obsessed with brushing and blow-drying and straightening and curling.

The best bit about the books silicone/sulphate (s/s) free method is; I don’t wash my hair every day anymore. It was at the point where it was so greasy I would have to. But now, I will only wash it because it looks bad, all frizzy on top where the curls have unformed, not because it’s feeling yucky.





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